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Issue Description COGS Position and Status
General Plan 2035 Access this page for links to important resources
Marijuana Dispensary Wants Closer-to-Schools Rule COGS cannot support
General Plan Timeline March-April public input & commission hearings May-June City Council decision Nov 2021 vote
General Plan 2035 City Council rejected the 1.5 years of volunteer 2012 Task Force updating. Current council plans to simply add state required Elements to the outdated 2001 GP and send to voters in 2020 or 2021. COGS is NOT supportive of excluding 2012 draft.
Museum Square Project COGS supports the hotel/residential/public plaza project IF the public parking needs can be resolved.
Bond and Sales Tax COGS supports the sales tax increase and issuing $319M of bonds. Read more here.
Crossroads East COGS requested a council review of impact on Area. Council approved rezoning the 1,000 acres. (opens in PDF format)
Rural & Desert Rural Neighborhoods COGS supported Rural Land 2 designation in the GP 2035. Council majority voted to revert to 18-year-old General Plan 2001 and make no additional Rural Neighborhood protection.
Downtown Feasibility Study 2017 Click here to see the COGS position paper on this subject (pdf format)
Transportation Master Plan COGS supported Scottsdale Road merchants and fixed rail was removed from the Transportation Master Plan.
DDC / Desert Edge Funding should be subject to voter approval, no Preserve Funds should be used, and optional locations should be considered.
Dockless rental Bikes COGS supports the trial period. Parking controls needed.
Parking meters COGS is opposed to downtown meters.
2017 Special Events Ordinance and Handbook COGS supports retail and gallery owners' text changes and supports final handbook draft. (Council approved)
Request additional rooftop height in Planned Block Development Overlay District 5-TA-2015 COGS encourages denial of this inappropriate exception to Text Amendment standards
Scottsdale's Museum of the West becomes Smithsonian Affiliate We are proud of Scottsdale's Museum of the West being awarded this prestigious affiliation after only 10 months!
Outpost proposed project at NW corner of Dynamite and Pima Roads COGS supported the area residents that a gas station and commercial land use would violate the Rural Neighborhood land use and General Plan
(COUNCIL APPROVED 4-to-3) As of 2019 has not been built.
Outpost Conditional Use Permit for Gas Station City Council approved 5-2 January, 2018
Special events ordinance Support existing businesses and galleries
Council approved draft Special Events Handbook (click to view)
Diamond Mountain Plan Modifications Neighborhood team and COGS won Planning Commission and then City Council denial 7-0.
Arts District galleries closing at alarming rate Competing art fairs harm local gallery owners who invest in our city all year.
Scarcity of 5th Avenue parking COGS endorses the 3rd Ave. garage 3-hour limit and the increased street parking enforcement. (Council approved 2017)

If you want our direct help on a specific issue--just ask. We will connect you to important links, the correct city staff, or work with you personally (yes, we are FREE) toward a solution. We are ALL volunteers! No one is paid at COGS except with lots of smiles and "thanks."




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