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What is a "Scottsdale General Plan?"
The General Plan is the primary tool for guiding future development and character of the city over the next 20 years. State law requires the city to update its General Plan every 10 years. Voters rejected the last proposed revision so we are still using the 2001 version of the General Plan.

Why should you care about Scottsdale's General Plan?
The City Council is required to use the General Plan guidelines to evaluate and apply policies, act on land use decisions, and make funding and budget decisions. City staff and the Planning Commission use the General Plan to evaluate appropriate land use, building, and development and to make recommendations on proposed projects. These decisions impact YOUR neighborhood, the city’s physical appearance, and the amenities that provide the higher quality of Scottsdale living. The General Plan also provides the basis for the city’s development regulations and the foundation for its Capital Improvements Program.

What are COGS's concerns and recommendations about the current proposed draft of the Scottsdale General Plan?

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Rural neighborhoods are not provided sufficient protections by the current proposed General Plan
Natural and Developed Open Space are significant community amenities, and are not sufficiently protected by the proposed General Plan
To keep Scottsdale special, it should be harder to change from lower to higher intensity land uses, and easier to change from higher intensity to lower intensity land uses. We are proposing a change to the matrix for land use changes
Resort/tourism is a major economic driver for Scottsdale; any land use change that threatens this driver or eliminates associated land use should have a very high bar to pass over.

Click HERE to download a PDF document showing ALL COGS's proposed revisions to the Character & Design and Land Use Elements sections of the proposed General Plan



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