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Date Primary Topic(s)
07/31/22 Vote by Tuesday
07/14/22 Hot issues in a hot month
06/13/22 COGS endorsed candidates
05/07/22 Council decisions and candidates
04/01/22 What's Happening in April?
01/24/22 Western Week is coming
01/03/22 Welcome to 2022
10/10/21 New General Plan
08/31/21 Transportation master plan, hot issues, apartment project fatigue, more
07/30/21 Approve or not approve more apartments/condos?
05/25/21 Hot issues and important decisions
04/04/21 Multiple hot issues, including General Plan, Desert Rural, Parking Code
03/14/21 General Plan
02/11/21 February update
01/02/21 What you need to know to start 2021
10/12/20 October - what have you been doing... election updates....more
09/14/20 What has happened in Scottsdale while you've been sheltered?
08/13/20 Who will be the 2021 Mayor and who will be elected to City Council?
07/11/20 Elections and other updates
06/21/20 COVID-19, Elections, and More
05/11/20 What do you know about the city candidates?
04/6/20 Shutdown, family life
03/14/20 COVID-19 and City Council activities
02/11/20 February Action in Scottsdale
01/18/20 2020 - fasten your seatbelt!
12/19/19 Southbridge II, Scottsdazzle, more
11/22/19 City decisions, events, news
11/06/19 Hot issues and Election Results for City bond and Scottsdale Schools 2019
09/15/19 Events and City Programs
08/21/19 What's the buzz? Chances to make your comments heard
08/04/19 Multiple topics
06/30/19(b) More on those Hot Issues
06/30/19 Hot Issues for a Hot Summer
06/21/19 Events, decisions by council and planning commission, cases, traffic
05/31/19 SUCCESS! Neighborhood and developer act as a team!
04/28/19 April City Decisions and May Events to Enjoy
04/12/19 April hot issues, weekend events, local updates
03/23/19 Hot issues and new projects
02/27/19 Share your opinion now!  ...proposed city bond projects....specific developer project's plan...Indian Bend Wash Master Plan
02/04/19 What's happening in Scottsdale, and what decisions made by Council?
01/22/19 Charter change, votes of interest, etc.
01/04/19 Here comes 2019 in Scottsdale
12/09/18 Hot issues, holiday events, and citizens' survey
11/15/18 What now for the Preserve? Holiday events. Land issues
11/05/18 City decisions and issues, November events, other info
09/15/18 September events and city projects to keep you informed
07/23/18 Say goodbye to rural and equestrian Scottsdale
06/14/18 Decisions and development projects
05/27/18 Northern Scottsdale important public meetings not to miss
05/04/18 Candidate drops...sales tax on ballot...Protect Our Preserve signatures
04/18/18 Highly charged City Council meeting
03/30/18 What City decisions were made in March?
02/23/18 Scottsdale is definitely the place to be in February and March
02/07/18 Scottsdale's Western Week is here
01/29/18 Jan-Feb Scottsdale Issues & Discussions
01/01/18 McDowell Sonoran  Preserve remains as Hot Issue
12/16/17 More holiday events; City deadlines; http v https
11/21/17 Holiday events for everyone
11/06/17 Preserve / Desert Edge and the ballot box
10/04/17 Arts, events, and other upcoming stuff
09/26/17 City Council begins Desert Edge Deliberations
09/19/17 Hot Issue: Desert Edge Project Opposition Statements and Concerns
09/18/17 Hot Issue: Desert Edge in the McDowell Mountain Preserve
09/12/17 September Sizzles and some Hot Topics Continue
08/06/17 Desert Discovery Center is now Desert EDGE
07/16/17 Hot topics while Council is on Vacation
06/15/17 Scottsdale news in a tight bundle
Be sure to see the clarifying supplement to this newsletter
06/12/17 Upcoming meetings and developers' open houses
05/10/17 Vote for city awards. Events to enjoy. More new land cases
04/14/17 How do your councilmembers study the issues?
03/27/17 Don't miss the COGS spring potluck
03/19/17 March...the month of happenings
03/06/17 SNAP for a great Sunday Afternoon
02/28/17 March 2017 Events & 2016 in Review
02/13/17 New Land Cases, and Hot Issues update
02/09/17 February - the Happening Month in Scottsdale!
01/23/17 Downtown Scottsdale Parking Meters or Not?
01/11/17 Still have that holiday tree? Want to volunteer for the Parada del Sol?
01/05/17 Parada Del Sol
01/03/17 Need tree pickup?  Need documents shredded? Need a new "you" in 2017 (after so much holiday food)?
12/22/16 Got holiday guests? Western experience requested? Prefer holiday lights and other events?
12/08/16 Scottsdale hires new city manager
12/06/16 New city manager? Scottsdazzle events and more
12/02/16 3 years of community work hits the waste basket
11/27/16 Two ALERTS: citywide project updates
11/18/16 Two critical items - Desert Discovery Center and Rural Neighborhoods Project
11/17/16 City events for NOV & DEC; also 2 neighborhood meeting reports
11/06/16 COGS update on Scottsdale city government and MORE
10/07/16 COGS Political Committee announced city council endorsements. Many new land cases coming up
09/14/16 Five quick items for your review
09/11/16 Meet city council candidates face-to-face. Do these Land Cases or 3 public hearings affect you?
09/06/16 Meet the candidates and ask your questions
09/01/16 Meet the candidates and ask your questions
08/29/16 Voted already? Or voting tomorrow?
08/25/16 Homework for you... city council candidates questionnaires to review and MANY land cases
08/08/16 Hot issues for a hot August. Any of these new land cases near you?
07/28/16-b Clarification of Independent Voting. Land cases near you. SNAP art programs
07/28/16 Voting preparation. Upcoming events.
07/24/16  New state laws become active. City candidate questionnaires are on line at COGS PC
07/13/06 Mayor Lane wants DDC inside Preserve. Renting guest house/room now legal
07/06/16 Fixed rail decision by Council and Legend Trail issues
06/28/16 No to flying fireworks. Hockey coming east? Bedtax $s go where? Fixed rail in downtown?
06/21/16 Several important items on Council Agenda
06/03/16  Candidate forum cancelled. Events for summer weekends. Special Events Handbook posted. New land request to check out
06/02/16 Desert Discovery Center Update and COGS commentary
06/01/16 Crawford is not running for Mayor

Do any of these public meetings impact your neighborhood? Events to enjoy. New building projects to review

04/21/16 Public Meetings: Desert Discover Center TONIGHT. Wolf Springs Ranch on the 28th. Many new cases in your area!!
04/17/16 LONG LONG Council meeting Tuesday. Desert Discovery Questions? Museum of the West Taos Documentary
04/10/16 Ranch VS Commercial Stable decided. Scottsdale Road property owners writing 100's of emails to city council
03/30/16 What did Council decide last night? Need free tax help? Chopped banyan in Old Town?
03/16/16 TWO Hot Issues to share with Landscape/irrigation class.....Italian Festival this weekend
03/10/16 Short term home rentals are not illegal.. Festival of the Arts 2016 is this weekend....Check out the McDowell Rd new Pop Up Art gallery
03/05/16 ARIZONA GIVES DAY--support the Scottsdale arts !!
03/02/16  TIME correction on Indian Bend/Sc Rd meeting....City Manager released....Liked Roy Rogers and Dale Evans?
03/01/16 City Manager position decision tonight. Neighborhood meetings in your area? Events for your calendar this week

Got house guests? Here are activities for you to show off your Scottsdale! ...Need baseball tickets?

02/10/16 Wednesday afternoon Neighborhood Meeting tomorrow.....Missed the movie "The Outlaw"?--see it 1 pm Saturday
02/09/16 City Council had shortest meeting in history!.....This is Parada del Sol western week......SkySong's Farmers' Market !!
01/31/16 Problem finding a parking slot in Downtown Scottsdale? old electronics to throw out?....Golf and the Super Bowl this week
01/29/16 SkySong Farmers' Market....Pony Express arrives Friday....Candidates file for city council and mayor 2016
01/26/16 SkySong Farmers' Market....Pony Express arrives Friday....Candidates file for city council and mayor 2016
01/19/16 Summary of city council meeting tonight.....DC Ranch owners & WestWorld tent...Hash Knife Gang/Pony Express coming
01/13/16 Happy New Year COGS Reader....Council meeting packed with residents over hot issues....Many Jan-Feb events for your calendar
01/05/16  Happy New Year 2016 ....Question for cases....GREAT events for your calendar
12/31/15 2015 Annual Report
12/17/15 Holiday happenings listed for proposed projects to review...Shop Locally!
12/05/15  Can't find parking downtown? Public spaces leased to business? Events for this weekend...
11/21/15 What if....this happens in your neighborhood? No changes to Chaparral or Scottsdale Roads....Events to enjoy this weekennd
11/15/15  City Council priorities? Happy 60th Birthday to our Scottsdale Stadium--come to the Saturday party
11/10/15 Where were the voters?...3 Starbucks want liquor licenses...Cultural Council asks for $1.5 million
11/04/15 Unofficial Scottsdale Bond Election Results as of 6:12 a.m.
11/01/15 Next weekend spend in Scottsdale! ...Cowboy Artists 50 year Celebration ...Grand Prix of Scottsdale vintage race karts ...Arabian & Reining Horse Shows
10/28/15 Planning Commissioners gave a bold approval on The Outpost tonight... Other projects were continued
10/21/15  Please RSVP now for the COGS Potluck--bring a friend. Three major projects have Planning Commission hearing October 28th
10/13/15 COGS annual potluck....Police speakers Thursday....SRP electrical station update
10/07/15 Dynamic city council meeting last night---The Kiva on Steroids...The Outpost public hearing is tonight.....Solis site public open house tonight also
10/04/15 WestWorld management chose between US Roping Championships or pricey car sales......Full October Calendar.....Not interested in the Bond Election?
09/30/15  ....public forum tonight on the Bond Election.....Land Use cases near you?....How "tall" is too tall?
09/28/15 Hot Issues updated ... public bond forums this week ... Election deadline dates ... Parada del Sol and more
9/22/15 HOT ISSUES and other city happenings
09/09/15  Updates on Hot Issues in the City....COGS Annual Potluck is October 25th, Sunday
08/30/15 N.Scottsdale mutilated horses!....Hot Issues to Council....Museum of the West volunteer deadline this week
08/23/15 Do you want to own Town of Paradise Valley land?.....What is a Special Event?....Wild Horse Roundup...Are you a COGS 2016 Election Volunteer?
08/17/15 Art District owners have organized....Is Rockbar 's city alley use over?....City Council comes back into session...Are these proposed projects in your neighborhood?
08/10/15 - b  ALERT: Two public meetings this week on a proposed 64th Street and McDowell Road project
08/10/15 - a  Question: Is Scottsdale's international art identity becoming associated with a temporary white tent?
07/02/15 Thursday morning 2 July Desert Foothills area win for the homeowners!!...... Fireworks at WestWorld is packed with activities
06/25/15 Drama....misrepresentations of COGS General Plan recommendations by some council members...lack of accuracy .....misguided perceptions
06/22/15 Do you really know your city?......council agendas before their summer break
06/15/15  Very informative and important public meetings end this June month....COGS recommends tweaks to the proposed General Plan 2035 city draft
06/02/15 Near your home or business?..... Cox cable contractors will be working midnight to 8 am until August
06/01/15 Which of the projects in this newsletter will impact your home?.....Mighty Mud Mania....Camelot not 100 homes but now 50 homes
05/27/15 Rural area saved by ardent neighbors....when is an energy station a gas station?..... mesquite pancakes June 13th
05/18/15 Scottsdale District got a "report card" hmm not stellar!....Multiple meetings--N.Scottsdale land development?....history and culture of Salt River Pima-Maricopa community....LBGT issues ...
05/08/15 Got Peachtree software knowledge? Bargains available at city surplus. What! There is a police museum in Scottsdale? Two Civil Discourse/LGBT forums are scheduled
05/03/15 Informational meetings for your calendar: airplane flight paths and flood control.....Council agenda Tuesday items....Neighborhood link
04/30/15 Save your life by reading the beginning paragraphs....City Council supported the Craftsman's Court owners....Police news
04/23/15 Be part of the combat zone on Roosevelt Lake.....Jomax homeowners at the microphone....possible 2015 Bond Election
04/13/15 April 13th Bus route change? SkySong more floors? LGBT ordinance? COGS annual meeting report
04/05/15  Where will you be next week at this time?
04/02/15 What? Cutting off horse hairs?....Dynamite/Pima rezoning update....City offers reduced building permit program for southern Scottsdale
03/21/15 EQUAL DAYLIGHT HOURS--Experience the sundial on Soleri Bridge...big weekend for FREE horse shows and outdoor music plus the Giants vs. LA Angels
03/18/15 Wed morning 18 March New fee reduction for your renovations.....Council decisions last night....What are the current issues in our city?
3/5/15 March is a full calendar of city events....Print and Post this newsletter so you don't miss out...Teenage summer skills needed?
2/25/15 Pedal fast but don't spill your beer....What state is the city in?......Happy birthday Founder Scott event tomorrow
2/18/15 How does this happen?.....Love dogs and/or horses?.....Multiple rezoning and other projects for your review.
2/11/15 Coronado High School and complex grade school meeting is tonight......5th Avenue sidewalk art event Saturday the 14th
2/10/15 Special Scottsdale events this Saturday.....shredding dates for old tax papers
2/8/15 Want to be Museum of the West volunteer? Sign up for the Citizen Police Academy. Council Decisions. Alert on 2 AZ state proposed bills.
1/18/15 Anti-police demonstration in Scottsdale.....SuperBowl FanFest info....Home invasion alert!!...Why no Scottsdale tax on all those auto auction cars?
1/14/15 Museum of the West Grand Opening tomorrow night.. 5-7 pm then Council members guest speakers at Community meeting 7 pm
12/9/14 More on the Cavalliere Ranch approved development.....Scam or Charity?.......Holiday events include a decorated boat parade
12/6/14 All northern projects were approved...Gunshots on Camelback Road area
11/23/14 The Silverman family and the sale of Chaparral Suites
11/20/14 Crude marchers downtown Saturday night.....Lane chosen by Gov.-Elect Ducey .....5th Ave Parking Problems......December city events for your calendar
11/12/14 Time to congratulate 2015 Councilman David N Smith and Councilwoman Kathy Littlefield
11/10/14 City Council update Littlefield holds a 55 vote lead
11/9/14 Great Home Tour today......Art Week Events coming for your calendar
11/8/14 - evening Updated Election results Robbins now ahead of Littlefield by 63 votes
11/08/14 Tongues are wagging....Mayor Lane jumping ship?
11/6/14 Election home park senior residents' concerns
10/30/14 Where is your Early Ballot tonight? ...campaign chatter? Home Tour early Scottsdale architecture Nov 9th
10/20/14 $65,000 one day Rugby Bowl Event? Public Art on CattleTrack and McDonald Drive coming.
9/28/14 Forever Gone buildings in town.......
9/25/14 COGS candidate forum...... Rezoning cases--any near you?
9/21/14 Meet the candidates....Flood District....other topics
9/19/14 Tourism--powerful commissions....Citizen groups on a roll.....
9/14/14 WOW a week of important public meetings--Got flooding problems? 
9/9/14 Need help with home repairs? Concerned about northern proposed projects? Have opinion on McDowell Corridor?
8/7/14 Major General Plan Amendment Cases Alert
8/2/14 Five Land Use Change Cases Reported
8/2/14 READING intersection signs? Attending candidate-wants-$$ parties? TALKING directly to the candidates?
7/25/14 What are the FACTS? Shouldn't numbers be a singular answer and not interpreted to mean whatever is politically preferred? YOU DECIDE.
7/1/14 COGS Endorsements
6/28/14 COGS PC Council Endorsements / City's July 4th Event Details
6/27/14 Two successful COGS-hosted city council candidate forums......What is a CUP?......City Council's next agendas--anything close to you happening?
6/25/14 COGS Hosted All Council Candidate Forum South
6/22/14 COGS Hosted All Council Candidate Forum North
6/7/14 City Council Candidate's Responses on Eight Issues
5/22/14 Primary Election Update / Bar Live Entertainment
5/17/14 Lots of Chances to Have your Voices Heard
4/12/14 COGS / City Manager Quarterly Meeting Report
4/3/14 April Events / General Plan Task Force Update
3/18/14 "Design Center is NOT For Sale" Say Residents!
3/13/14 General Plan Draft Hearing Summary / Paws in the Park
2/28/14 High Season Events / Dog Agility / NASCAR
2/25/14 Amazing World Maps
2/12/14 Arabian Show Review / Cactus Baseball Issues
1/17/14 Public Nuisances / Property Management
1/13/14 Four General Plan Task Force Members Resign
1/11/14 Failure to Declare an Entertainment District



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