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Subject: Sunday morning 2 August READING intersection signs? Attending candidate-wants-$$ parties? TALKING directly to the candidates?

Yes Yes...forward this to anyone in your Book Club, Bridge Group, golfing buddies, neighbors, or others who want to be informed. You do not have to be a COGS member to receive our newsletters. If you did not receive the current city treasurer VS past city treasurer revenue-expenditure exchange in a July COGS E-Newsletter because COX Communication blocked it, you missed a terrific FACTS about CITY FINANCES. E mail to get a personal "copy". SK

Good morning, COGS E-Newsletter Reader: The non-partisan (city elections are not suppose to include Green-Purple-Independent-Republican-Democrat labels) Scottsdale City Council campaigns are generating full steam. Intersections are a rainbow of red, white, and blue 4 X 4 signs--with the exception of the yellow and black COGS PC signs. Hopefully they all purchased locally to support our local sign businesses. Unfortunately, bold print, placing your candidate's sign to block another candidate's sign, loading all intersections and using a trite motto DOESN'T INFORM the public. The voter has three vacant council seats to fill and the Primary Election vote is critical. It will provide the final choices for the General Election ballot when more voters show up after their summer away or their interest increases in the candidates. Forum attendees have described the candidates' city visions as very distinctly different and for the two incumbents running-an available track record to review. Labels such as "business friendly", "resident-neighborhood friendly", "fiscally responsible" or "financially experienced", or "build for the new generations not the current" may or may not fit YOUR VISION for your city.

COGS encourages you to continue to be informed. Cut through the chatter and find the facts. TELEPHONE the candidates you aren't sure about. TALK DIRECTLY with each-they are people who should practice listening to the public. It is a common voter complaint that when the new council member takes the position, the voter-now-resident is no longer heard. Please make yourself heard now when you have the opportunity. E mail us at if you need those telephone numbers.

COGS Members: The Coalition of Greater Scottsdale (COGS) Political Committee needs your neighborhood-level volunteer time. Please go to their website at to include yourself. The all-volunteer COGS PC team has been a dynamo of activity. You probably saw the first of many Arizona Republic colored advertisements for the endorsed candidates. Then there is the team of early morning volunteers who have been challenged with the dry and hard AZ soil to post COGS yellow-and-black candidate signs. Honk or wave as you pass by in your car. If you missed reading the endorsed candidate's responses to the extensive COGS PC questionnaire, you can catch up by going to and clicking on "Endorsed Candidates."

Land Use Projects that might impact your area: Near Cactus Road and 96th Street. The applicant is requesting approval to renew the previously approved case 3-DR-2012 for a new Type-Three wireless communication facility, to be located on a new 30-foot-tall artificial palm tree, with associated ground mounted equipment screened by an eight-foot-tall masonry wall enclosure located at 12051 N. 96th Street. CASE#3-DR-2012#2. Near Miller Road and Roosevelt Street. The applicant is requesting approval to build new leasing office and fitness center located within an existing apartment complex located at 1075 N. Miller Road. CASE#32-DR-2014.

Near Via Linda and 124th Street. The applicant is requesting approval to upgrade the antenna at an existing building mounted wireless communication facility at Desert Mountain High School located at 12575 E. Via Linda. CASE#62-DR-2007#2.

Near Cactus Road and 64th Street. The applicant is requesting approval to modify antennas at an existing wireless communication facility monopole-Sequoya Elementary School, to remove the six existing antennas, and replace with six new antennas that are comparable in size located at 11620 N. 64th Street. CASE#86-DR-2008#2.

Near Hayden Road and 84th Street. The applicant is requesting approval of a site plan, landscape plan and building elevations for a new four-story, 281-unit multi-family residential development located at 15333 N. Hayden Road. CASE#31-DR-2014.

Planning Commission

Development Review Board

Board of Adjustment

Have a great first week of August! For the COGS Board of Directors, Sonnie Kirtley, Chair e-mail:





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