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Good evening COGS E News Reader: Got that Early Ballot and a poised marking pen? You have some very important decisions to make beginning with our city level through to the state offices. How do you determine if a candidate will represent you and your family AFTER being elected? There are many examples of elected officials catering to interests in conflict with your own and ignorant (or not caring) for the needs of your neighborhood. It is interesting that even though the Scottsdale City Council does not have any authority to make decisions for any of the five school districts within our city limits that the Scottsdale School District Bond issue is a major position touted by some city council candidates. Wouldn't you prefer to hear how they will vote on city cases that affect you and the business of your city? Wouldn't you prefer to have the incumbents tell you that "Yes", they voted to change the zoning (land use) and voted to change existing development standards plus stipulations to allow greater building height and increased density for multiple projects ? It is so difficult to become an informed voter. Why isn't the Phoenix newspaper spending more time Fact Checking Scottsdale candidate's statements?---they have Scottsdale readers. Why are mailers not required to be truthful? Do the authors calculate that by the time legal action can be taken by the targeted candidate that the election will be over? All candidates have their own websites that you can Google to evaluate. Please separate the rhetoric and campaign jargon and seek out their actual city government-related experiences that will best serve our community.

COGS MEMBERS: The volunteer COGS Political Committee has endorsed two city council candidates. You can get background information on them at the website 

SERIOUS NEIGHBORHOOD CONCERNS ON CHAPARRAL ROAD: Specific homeowners were invited to a special meeting with city staff to discuss plans for re-aligning the frontage and reconstruction of the roundabout located on Chaparral Road just west of Scottsdale Road. Homeowners in the Camelback Park subdivision not living directly on Chaparral Road were not invited. It has been reported to COGS that former City Councilman George Zraket has requested a meeting tomorrow, October 21st, at 11 am in the City Manager's office located on the first floor of city hall. All residents to the north of Chaparral Road in that subdivision are encouraged to attend to learn the specifics and to provide comment. Also mark your calendar for October 28th at 5 pm for a public hearing to be held in Chaparral Suites on the proposed street project.

CITY COUNCIL DECISIONS in October so far: (1) To pay the $12, 468 for annual membership in the National League of Cities (2) To continue with the three month free Scottsdale Road Hotel Trolley/Hospitality Trolley. Councilwoman Milhaven's motion also included "and to work with the Transportation Department to consider extending the route to the [light rail] transit center in Tempe and to come back before [the council's] summer 2015 break with a Transportation Department and Tourism report on [the winter 2015] program. " Note: This trolley stops at selected hotels along Scottsdale Road from downtown Scottsdale to the Princess Hotel north of Frank Lloyd Wright Boulevard. There use to be an additional shuttle from the Princess to WestWorld for the auto auction and the Arabian Horse Show. It was unclear if such a service will be provided in this motion. COGS Chairman spoke in favor of the Hospitality Trolley and described the need for a route to include the WestWorld events season.

CITY COUNCIL AGENDA items of interest for 21 October: On the Consent Agenda-one vote does all items-Item 13 is to authorize the placement of a public art piece at Cattletrack and McDonald Drive. It also has two items that will use the city bed tax: Not to exceed $65,000 for a one day Rugby Bowl Beauty and the Beast Event organized by Jason Rose is Item 15 and $75,000 for the Taste of the NFL Event during the Super Bowl week is Item 16. With a contract assignment agreement, the Valley of the Sun Arabian Association will become the sole producer with a new name for our Scottsdale Signature Event-- Desert Classic All Arabian Horse Show in agenda Item 17. The city will also pay $475,000 to settle out of court on the negligence lawsuit Case No. CV2011 098081 Michael Jage & Marquie Jage v City of Scottsdale.

On the Regular Agenda (public may speak 3 minutes) Item 24 is to issue Municipal Property Corporation Bonds to finance an amount not to exceed $16.4 million in one or more series as tax-exempt and/or taxable bonds for the following public improvements including bond issuance costs ( a ) up to $15.2 million for the Tournament of Players Club (TPC) clubhouse and stadium renovations and golf course irrigation mainline replacement ( b) up to $1.2 million for the Tony Nelssen Equestrian Center Project.

Multiple October events finish out the month. Please send us your public events for us to post.

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