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Good evening, COGS E-News Reader. Did you US Postal mail your Early Ballot TODAY? If not, don't risk not being counted with a delayed mailing. Take it to ANY Maricopa County polling place next Tuesday , November 4th between 6 am and 7 pm... preferably before 5 pm. You can walk around any line of waiting voters and a specific box is usually available just for Early Ballots arriving that day. DO NOT HAND YOUR BALLOT TO ANYONE !!! You should deposit it.

COGS MEMBERS: Your volunteer COGS Political Committee endorsed two candidates for city council. Click here to remind you of those names 

CAMPAIGN CHATTER: COGS members have been disturbed by the lack of focus on a candidate's qualities, experience and skills. Instead unhealthy amounts of hidden money, and totally inaccurate candidate bashing mailings have become the 2014 City Council Election Game. Why is it legal that unknown money sources have NO spending limit? Why is a resident-friendly political committee such as COGS limited to $2500 per candidate per election cycle? You didn't know this? ...........Other election chatter is that candidate Petersen used the school district logo and a statement about endorsements from other school board members on a mailer. That would not be a Maricopa County election violation but would be a SUSD public employee non-involvement in elections district violation...... A representative of the Maricopa County Elections office stated on radio today that less than 37% of the Early Ballots have been received. She expects a 51% return rate by Tuesday.

SCOTTSDALE SCHOOL DISTRICT MAINTENANCE AND OPERATIONS Question 1: The following breakdown of how the proposed override dollars would be spent has been provided to COGS by Kristine Harrington, Public Information & Marketing Officer SUSD. This is a link to further information on the override
Restore Specials at Elementary $1,500,000
Restore Elementary Band and Strings $140,000
Class Size Staffing Ratio Reduced by 3 $3,500,000
Teacher Horizontal Movement (prior year) $969,700
Staff Salary Increase (2%) $2,617,050
Health Insurance $1,500,000
Restore Department Chair Supplemental $117,000
Restore Assistant Principals (7) $600,000
Restore Desert Canyon Principal $95,000
Total: $11,038,750
Several of our COGS parents have asked the question "if this override passes will releasing students on Wednesday afternoons stop?"

SCOTTSDALE SCHOOL DISTRICT Question 2 Would permit the sale, lease or exchange of the district office at 3811 N. 44th Street-just south of Indian School Road. Arcadia High School is the only remaining district school in that Phoenix vicinity. The City of Scottsdale has some office buildings for sale that would be much closer to the majority of the district's school operations. However, the text states..."use the proceeds of any such sale to construct, improve and furnish school buildings". Perhaps the City of Scottsdale could be a landlord to the SUSD for its administrative offices if they can't purchase.

TOUR the style of HOMES THAT BEGAN RESIDENTIAL SCOTTSDALE: Mark your calendar for Sunday,November 9th. Go on line at and buy your ticket to experience the architecture of early Scottsdale. Generous homeowners in southern Scottsdale will open their doors for your appreciation of where residential Scottsdale began. Why not invite some "old-timer" resident in your neighborhood and take them with you? Surely they will have enriching tales to tell you about early Scottsdale. Please open the attachment if you have a problem activating this link.

HALLOWEEN CAUTIONS: Friday can be fun or tragic. Please accompany your child or a neighborhood group. Buy that 99 cent flashlight for each child to highlight where they walk while wearing a mask and it also alerts nearby cars. If your "child" is as tall as my door knocker then he/she is just too old to be out trick-or-treating. Attend the safe and fun city party at El Dorado Park. Common signals of out-of-candy or not-home is the porch light is OFF. Drive with special caution. Remember the old Burma Shave road signs? "Heed instructions.....Save Our.....Tax Deductions"

Thank you to ED GATELY, respected AZ Republic Scottsdale Government reporter for telling the Scottsdale story for several years. As the Phoenix newspaper downsizes we are disappointed that your talents will be lost to our community.

Reminder: We are all volunteers at COGS-no one is paid except in thanks and smiles. If you have a city or neighborhood issue and need help with research or who to contact, let us know. Our help is totally free-as is our COGS E-Newsletter. You do not have to be a member. However, dues are $10 per year to help offset printing for hearing handouts and website expenses. We are a residents' and small business owner/merchant group dedicated to promoting "consistent land use policy and to preserve our quality of Scottsdale life",

     For the Coalition of Greater Scottsdale (COGS) Board of Directors, 

     Sonnie Kirtley, Chair e-mail 

     Coalition of Greater Scottsdale

     8924 E. Pinnacle Peak Rd., Suite G5, PMB 518

     Scottsdale, AZ 85250

If you wish to support our all-volunteer group the "dues" are $10 per year. Click HERE to join or HERE to subscribe without joining.



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