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Good evening COGS E-Newsletter Reader. If you went to bed early and missed the unofficial City of Scottsdale city council election results, this newsletter is for you. CONGRATULATIONS to both COGS Political Committee endorsed candidates for their top vote results. At this time (provisional ballots still need counting) both David N Smith and Kathy Littlefield are in the top three to fill the vacant three council seats. Below are the current vote counts as of 11:40 pm on election night with 98% of the votes counted.

Linda Milhaven 22,074....David N Smith 21,436...Kathy Littlefield 21,025..... then if the following candidates do not increase their totals to exceed Kathy Littlefield they will not be seated council members in 2015-- Dennis Robbins 21,001.....Jennifer Petersen 20,376....Cindy Hill 18,777.

The differences between Milhaven and Smith are 638 votes...........between Smith and Littlefield 411 votes...........between Kathy Littlefield and Dennis Robbins 24 votes.....between Dennis Robbins and Jennifer Petersen 635 votes.....between Jennifer Petersen and Cindy Hill 1,599 votes.

Scottsdale Unified School Board: Pam Kirby 21,945 votes and Kim Hartmann 20,128 to fill two board vacancies. Question 1 to sell district property on 44th Street YES 82% and 18% No. Question 2 to approve the budget override YES 53.61% to NO 46.39%. 61 of 62 precincts have reported so these are unofficial totals.

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