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Kathy Littlefield 26,352
Linda Milhaven 27,866
Jennifer Petersen 25,964
Dennis Robbins 26,298
David N. Smith 26,359

Good Evening, COGS E-Newsletter Reader:

According to City Clerk, Jagger, " update from Maricopa County regarding the final election results. According to the County, the tabulation of early ballots and provisional ballots has concluded and the final unofficial results have been released. The County continues to hand tabulate the write-in results for other jurisdictions and are auditing few of the DRE voting machine results as required by law." The 2015 city council will seat two new Scottsdale City Council members Councilman David N Smith and Councilwoman Kathy Littlefield to join incumbent, Linda Milhaven. Above are the official counts. David Smith in 2nd place leads Kathy Littlefield by 7 votes. Dennis Robbins lost the election by 54 votes. Provisional ballots counted Wednesday continued to boost Kathy Littlefield's final count. CONGRATULATIONS to the two COGS endorsed candidates for their win.

PLANNING COMMISSION HEARING APPROVALS TONIGHT. The Cavalliere Ranch 462 acre Master Planned Community project was approved this evening on a 5-0 vote. (Two commissioners were absent). Area homeowner speakers cited concerns about many years of construction traffic, the fact that large residential developments cost the city money in infrastructure expenses for sewers-roads and public safety services, the "flexibility" loopholes in the Character Area plan is being used to increase density and that Troon residents will experience additional traffic congestion. The supporters cited the 50% in natural open space set aside, the 150 ft average desert buffer between the Preserve and the proposed homes plus that the developer will contribute $1.8 million to improve 128th Street and the intersection at Happy Valley Road . Note: The private 10 acres in the SE corner of this project is still owned by the Cavalliere family and they have withdrawn their application to re-locate the Greasewood Flats eatery because of strong public opposition.

Additionally, the Bahai project south of Bell Road and east of the 101 loop was approved 5-0. It will be a mixed-used residential complex of several 42 ft. tall buildings and one 65 ft. condo building on approximately 5 acres in a Light Industrial zoned location in the Greater AirPark Character Area. The developer's attorney touted this as being a unique use of the industrial location where "knowledge workers" could live on the complex and work in the street level business. The location near the McDowell Sonoran Preserve, WestWorld, Ice Den and other recreational facilities were described as the attraction for this more youthful, high-end business owner. Commissioner Kush stated that detailed public alert/notice must be given to all future residents that they are in an industrial zone with specific manufacturing and other noises that are a normal part of business operations. This is to be added to an existing Stipulation #5 that alerted to the proximity to the Scottsdale AirPark and its airport noise.

SPECIAL DOWNTOWN ART WEEK in now. Please check the previous COGS E-Newsletter for the detailed list of events this week. You still have the Thursday night Art Walk, a canal stroll for the art pieces in the water, music, food and other events.

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