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Good evening, COGS E-Newsletter Reader: Were you in downtown Scottsdale Saturday night? See the description below what two COGS Board members experienced. and how the Scottsdale police handled it. Do you recall a previous COGS newsletter reporting a rumor that Mayor Lane might be offered a job with Governor-Elect Ducey? We have the follow-up to that information. Want to shop on 5th Avenue and can't find a parking space? What contributes to this problem? Get out your December 2014 calendar to mark down city events to enjoy. Please print the list below and put it on your refrigerator or favorite Memory Place.

CRUDE, RUDE and totally INAPPROPRIATE. Saturday night we were exiting the Capitol Steps performance at the Scottsdale Performing Arts Center when loud shouting was heard coming through the Civic Center grounds. Approximately 20 people were chanting and holding hand signs above their heads. It was too dark to read the signs nor could we distinguish what they were shouting. As we drove on Main Street, they filled the street and blocked traffic immediately in front of our car. Every chant began or ended with a form of the F- word. If this was the extent of their "message" they obviously had a limited vocabulary or they were incapable of explaining their grievance. (Hopefully none of them were educated in the Scottsdale schools but trucked in from elsewhere.)

Arriving police cars herded the group west on Indian School Road and directed them with loudspeakers to "get on the sidewalk or you will be arrested". The "adults" in the group encouraged the mass to get on the sidewalk. They then assembled at the intersection and began shouting at the highly-respected Scottsdale Mounted Police as "animals on horses". We cleared the area and left our professional officers to deal with the disrespectful chanters who were apparently not into their cause enough to UNMASK their faces. What was also interesting was that this group had their own photographer. Imagine the great Scottsdale publicity on U Tube.

MAYOR LANE has accepted a non-paying subcommittee position focusing on local government and transportation in the Governor-Elect, Doug Ducey, administration. You may recall in the November 8th COGS E-Newsletter we told you about a rumor that Lane would be offered a position with Ducey. The question of him stepping down as Scottsdale Mayor was raised. Because this is a non-paying position, Jim Lane may remain Scottsdale Mayor to the end of his term. Others appointed were Steve Chucri, Maricopa County Supervisor and Dave Berry, Vice President of Swift Transportation

TO THE COGS POLITICAL COMMITTEE Patty Badenoch, Sandy Schenkat, Copper Phillips, Allan Henderson, Linda Whitehead and Chris Schaffner ....Congratulations on the successfully endorsed Scottsdale City Council candidates----David N. Smith and Kathy Littlefield. Your months of volunteer work: (1 ) sending out candidate survey forms to all 8 Primary Election candidates (2 ) studying those replies ( 3 ) Observing multiple public forum candidate performances (4) holding individual candidate interviews (5 ) selecting three candidates from the field of 8 to endorse (6) designing the black and yellow intersection signs with "COGS PC Likes"-with the thumb up (7 ) constantly repairing damaged signs at dawn (8) designing and contracting campaign media advertisements (9) designing and posting the first COGS PC website

5TH AVENUE PARKING PROBLEMS The owner of the 5th Avenue Salon submitted a petition with 60 signatures to the city council last week asking for solutions to the lack of customer parking. Street parking intended for retail and services customers are being occupied by the culinary school students and many Galleria employees. When the option is free public parking on the street or in the 3rd-5th street garage or pay the fee now charged in the Galleria "employee" parking lot, the FREE public parking wins as the choice. The result is that our merchants lose customers or have late arrivals for appointments because they are circling the area to find an opening. Also, merchant's employees are hard pressed to find all day parking. Some do not have the option to leave their shop to move their car every 3 hours (street limit) if they are the sole personnel. Last week the City Council directed the City Manager/staff to come back to them with options. Merchants are GREATLY concerned as the holiday shopping begins and Signature Events (Super Bowl, auto auctions, Arabian Horse Show, etc.) will increase the parking demand.. COGS met with two city staff members last week and has offered to host a special merchants' meeting to seek plans for short-term relief while awaiting a more permanent and long term solution. We were told that this issue was part of the discussion at the City Manager's meeting last Friday. Stay tuned for updates.

IMPORTANT COUNCIL MEETINGS Monday and Tuesday with multiple agenda items. Please scan these and click on the link for details on those of interest or impact to you.
Monday, December 1st starting at 5 pm are the once a year General Plan MAJOR AMENDMENT case hearings. Agenda item # 2 The Reserve at Pinnacle Peak Patio (2 GP 2014) regarding 10.75 approx. acres north of E. Jomax Rd. and E. Pinnacle Peak Parkway  and rezoning (9 ZN 2014)  . Agenda #4 El Regalo (3 GP 2014) north of N.E. corner of E. Westland Drive and N. Scottsdale Road.  and #5 its rezoning (10 Zn 2014)  Agenda #6 Cavalliere Flat (4 GP 2014) SE corner N.Alma School Parkway and E. Pinnacle Vista Drive  and rezoning (12 ZN 2014) 

Tuesday, December 2nd Consent Agenda and Regular Meeting 5 pm. Agenda item 23 Graythorn  Agenda #27 Authorize to bid on 13 January 2015 at the AZ State Land Department auction for land to build fire station 613. Agenda #30 Authorization to purchase 8 transit buses for $5,200,000. Agenda #31 Approval to accept Proposition 202 Tribal Gaming funds $1,624,233. Agenda #38 Approval would name the Lost Dutchman interpretive trailhead Kovach Family Nature Trail. Agenda #43 acceptance of the Audit Committee report will continue the McDowell Sonoran Preserve Commission. #46 Cavalliere Ranch rezoning (13 ZN 2014)  #47 Bahia rezoning (6 GP 2014 and 14 ZN 2014)  . The evening agenda ends with #48 a discussion of Police compensation issues. 

DECEMBER 2014:"Jellies in the Sky, Cacti in the Water, temporary art installation, through Dec., Scottsdale Waterfront, between Soleri and Marshall Way bridges
3rd Annual Waterfront Fine Art & Wine Festival, Friday - Sunday, Dec. 5 - 7, 10 a.m. - 5 p.m., Scottsdale Waterfront, Contact 480-837-5637 for more information.
5th Avenue Art Festival, Friday - Sunday, Dec. 5 - 7, 11 a.m. - 7 p.m., 5th Avenue & Marshall Way, Contact Audrey at 602-314-0323 for more information.
Old Adobe Mission Church Miracle of the Roses Pageant, Saturday, Dec. 6, 4 - 6 p.m., 3821 N. Brown Ave. Contact Rad at 480-980-3628 for more information
Cowboy Christmas, Saturday & Sunday, Dec. 13-14 and 20-21, noon - 5 p.m., centered around Main Street & Brown Avenue. Contact Susan at 480-544-7466 for more information.
Coach House Christmas Holiday Extravaganza, Wednesday - Friday, Dec. 24 - 26, 6 a.m. - 2 a.m. Contact Irene at 480-694-4943 for more information.
Scottsdale's Ultimate Block Party, Wednesday, Dec. 31, Location and details TBD. Contact Doug at 480-518-5060 for more information.

     For the Coalition of Greater Scottsdale (COGS) Board of Directors, 

     Sonnie Kirtley, Chair e-mail 

     Coalition of Greater Scottsdale

     8924 E. Pinnacle Peak Rd., Suite G5, PMB 518

     Scottsdale, AZ 85250

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