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Good morning COGS E-News Reader. What are the current city issues? What happened last night at city council? Do you want a small fix-up or renovation project in your southern city home or business ? Check out the new fee reductions to give your budget a jump start. -informational link is below.

Current City Issues that COGS has received from residents and merchants: (1) Golf cart transportation with posters on 3 sides imaging "inappropriately clad/unclad women".(2) A submitted petition to allow short-term residential leases such as nightly or weekly but less than the 30 day minimum as allowed now (3) temporary arts & crafts sidewalk or Marshall Way Bridge selling tents in competition with brick-and-mortar art businesses (4) AZ State Land auction in April and the Camelot Homes application to rezone the land to allow 100 homes at Pima Rd/Los Gatos Rd (5) insufficient downtown parking for shoppers, baseball fans and festival patrons (6 ) insufficient surface and garage parking in the 5th Avenue area to accommodate the additional employees in the Galleria complex and the 5th Avenue shoppers and employees at the same time (7) the proposed Downtown Trolley route change for fall (8 ) residential alley trash ** (9) persons handing out religious materials in Chaparral Park and at the Civic Center Library

Issue comments from COGS:

  • Golf cart signage: According to the city's Code Enforcement, the 1st Amendment protects the signage content. Unfortunately these Elite passenger carts are driving daytime in our family-tourist areas and not limiting themselves to the Entertainment District. Some passengers were observed yesterday as unruly and shouting at pedestrians.
  • Parking needs: The city expects to have a comprehensive parking study completed by fall that will include options & solutions for 2016. The contract was approved last night at city council.
    Alley Trash Issue: All homeowners are responsible to clean their alleys from their property line to the center of the alley. No construction materials are suppose to be dumped into the alley for the city Bulk Pickup truck. You might check for weeds that need removal as well.
  • Trash cans: If you pull your trash can to the curb it is not to be located on the sidewalk but in the street next to the curb. The sidewalk is to be free for wheelchairs, pedestrians and strollers
  • White tents on Marshal Way Bridge: These vendors have a city permit to operate on the bridge and canal.
  • Renting a bedroom or your home for less than 30 days: Current city ordinance does not allow renting your residentially zoned property for less than 30 days.
  • Paper handouts to the public on public land: According to our city attorney, unless the person is harassing you they have the 1st Amendment right to be on public property distributing

Last night City Council decisions: (1) approved nine liquor licenses (2) approved the Zara Court 6 single-family home lots at 8346 and 8354 E. Thomas Road (3) approved multiple infrastructure contracts related to sewer and drainage at 8525 E Pinnacle Peak Rd, Paradise Drive, 3rd Ave & Craftsman Court, and Eagle Feather Road (4) approved a new program called the McDowell Corridor Building Permit fee modification -see details below.

Thursday the 19th 7 pm to 8:30 pm- Learn about the McDowell Corridor History from the Experts: The monthly speaker public meeting of the Community Council of Scottsdale will host JoAnn Hanley who grew up in the original Scottsdale and is a wonderful story teller. Additionally, writer Joan Fuquala who has written multiple books about our city's McDowell Corridor history will share her findings. The meeting is held in the Granite Reef Senior Center 1700 N. Granite Reef Rd/McDowell Rd n Rm 8.

*Keep up--Downtown Trolley Fall 2015 Proposed Route has changed again Merchant and public comments have driven another route change. Open this link for the most recent proposed trolley route map  

LIVE IN SOUTHERN SCOTTSDALE? GOT A HOME or BUSINESS PROJECT? Last night the city council approved a program that will begin April 15th that should encourage you to do that renovation or small fix-up project. Specific city fees will be reduced saving you as much as $777 according to the example presented. Open this link for more details.   This is for home and small business owned properties south of Osborn Road to the southern city boundary. Hustle your application because the program ends in two years.

ODYSEA Aquarium. A ground-breaking ceremony was held on Thursday for the construction of a 200,000-square-foot aquarium that is to open about July 1, 2016. The OdySea Aquarium is being built near Loop 101 and Via de Ventura Drive as part of the Talking Stick Cultural and Entertainment Destination on the Salt River Pima-Maricopa Indian Community. The same people behind the Butterfly Wonderland are behind the aquarium. The developer states that they have a new technology and the OdySea Aquarium will include theme-park attractions. ( )

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