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Good afternoon,  COGS E-Newsletter Reader.    April is a busy month for city government decisions. To add a LGBT ordinance or not? To change Metro bus 50 and to add a Camelback trolley route to SCC or not?  To approve the SkySong request to increase the new building height from 60 feet to 90 feet or not?   But, for COGS members it was a time of celebration at the annual meeting Sunday for a successful 2014 year. 

COGS Member Update: At the annual meeting and Patio Potluck Sunday we had solid evidence that members like to eat southwestern casseroles, a wide-variety of salads and diet-busting desserts. Make-your-own ice cream sundae with additives to compete with the apple pie, homemade brownies and other desserts proved additional member skills.  Four  new members were added to the Board of Directors—Joanne ”Copper” Phillips, Stanley Morganstern, “Cookie” Morganstern, and Howard Myers.  Copper was a former city council candidate, AZ State Dept. of Special Education administrator, and is an ardent horsewoman. Stanley is a highly-respected attorney and “Cookie” is an experienced 26 year Ohio city councilwoman and former Vice Mayor (attachments) . Howard Myers is a retired systems engineer, President of the Desert Property Owners Association, Chaired the 2012 Keep Scottsdale Special political committee and is an expert photographer. Marilynn Atkinson, Sandra Schenkat and Linda Whitehead were re-elected. The board now has ten members.    . join COGS is $10/year....check out the website at

Transit Changes Proposed:   Do you ride the Camelback Road route 50 bus? What if it terminated at Fashion Square. A new-route Scottsdale Trolley would begin at Fashion Square and continue on Camelback Road eastward to Granite Reef Road then northward to Chaparral Road then eastward to Scottsdale Community College.  It would service the W & Best Western/SunDial Hotels, Camelback Shadows, Camelback Towers, Le Cordon Bleu Culinary School, Navajo Grade School, Scottsdale Estates, Caballo Ranchos, some of Chateau de Vie and other adjacent residential neighborhoods. Details are available at this link Send your comments to before Tuesday evening when they will make a decision.

Other transit council agenda items: (1) to discontinue the Day Tripper because of expense and low ridership (2) to Fund the Downtown Trolley with $300,000 in hotel bed taxes previously used to fund the Day Tripper and $150,000 Transportation Department operating funds (primarily transportation-dedicated city sales tax and Federal Grant funds) and (3) to fund the new Camelback Trolley with $385,000 in Transportation Department operating funds (primarily transportation-dedicated city sales tax and Federal Grant funds).

LGBT controversy:  The Scottsdale City Council agreed at a recent Work Study Session not to add a non-discrimination ordinance. The Chair of Legislative District 23 Democrats stated:

"We're planning to attend both meetings and to work within the established City processes to try and advance a non-discrimination ordinance.  We feel that urging the City Council to allow public input on this topic is the next logical step. My Rapid Response e-mail of April 10th doesn't call for picketing, but does call for recipients to be in attendance at both meetings or to contact the Council members directly." - Brion Neeley, Chair, LD23 Democrats.

 Councilman David N Smith is sending the following reply to all e-mails received on the topic.  (quote) “As I admitted when Council met to discuss this issue, I have reservations about the city adopting an LGBT ordinance.  Generally, I do not favor creating laws and regulations which defy objective measurement.  I do not want to empower city staff with the authority to decide whether a complex business decision involved the intangible behavior of discrimination, then further decide the violator should be subject to civil prosecution.  I accept the fact that well-intentioned people may have quite different views on the same question.  I respect your views and appreciate you sharing.  Thank you for taking the time to write.  David “ (end of quote)

Museum of the West oral presentations: Not been there yet? The speaker series provides a fuller dimension to celebrating our Western Spirit.  The west is embodied in every displayed pistol, handcuff, spur, saddle, old west movie, women rodeo competitor artifacts and the top-quality artwork.  Family affordability is the inexpensive entry fee and the bargain.$25  full year membership that allows you to enter repeatedly.  The location is Marshall Way south of Main Street—north of the Loloma Art Center and former Loloma Transit Station at 1st Street.


Thursday, April 16 | 6:30 p.m.
Creating a Cultural Cachet: How Scottsdale Evolved from Farm Town to the Southwest's Epicenter of Arts and Culture
Presented by Joan Fudala

Thursday, April 23 | 6:30 p.m.
Present in the Past: The Pottery Art of Maria Martinez, Margaret Tafoya and Tony Da
Presented by Charles King

Thursday, April 30 | 6:30 p.m.
Architectural Tour of Western Spirit Museum
Presented by Christiana Moss, AIA

City Council Consent and Regular Items on Tuesday, April 14th (Channel 11 TV)   The Reserve at Pinnacle Peak Patio (Capella) Termination of the Development Agreement on the Capella project that was never built on the 27 acres at the NE and NW corners of North 102 Street and East Jomax Road. McDowell Road pedestrian and streetscape improvements right-of-way easements acquisition from Scottsdale Rd to Miller Rd. SkySong Ground Lease Amendment SE corner of McDowell Rd/Scottsdale Rd. to approve a zoning district map amendment for the 40 acre site that would change site development standards, increase the allowed height from 60 ft. to 90 ft. (exclusive of rooftop appurtenances), change building setbacks from curbs and stepback of vertical floor requirements, amend the Permitted Uses and eliminate the C-S, C-O zoning districts from the list of P-C comparable zoning districts. Dulatahu v. City of Scottsdale etal negligence lawsuit settlement out of court for $25,000 payment. Bahai Live/Work Lofts and Townhomes, LLC  is an agreement that in exchange for $868,836.60 to be used by the City for the construction of special public improvements, the developer will receive bonuses in gross floor area and building height. Op the link to read a chart that shows some of those funds go to WestWorld area city projects.

MARK YOUR CALENDAR: 7 PM This Thursday—The Community Council of Scottsdale monthly speaker meeting  is April 16th, 2015. The guest speaker will be Nathan Pryor, the Government Relations Manager for the Maricopa Association of Governments.(MAG)  Mr. Pryor will give an overview of the regional role and responsibilities of MAG. This includes the organizational leadership, responsibilities in accordance with federal and state directives, programmatic activities, and highlights of how the regional transportation network is planned and the role of citizens in the planning process. They always welcome new faces. Please note, the meeting starts promptly at 7:00 PM.

8415 E Pepper Tree Lane is requesting approval for a front yard setback on a corner lot caseid=44834   4302 N Scottsdale Rd. requests approval of site plan, landscape plan and building elevations for renovations of an existing restaurant   caseid=44843   26601 N. 122 St near Rio Verde Drive ..requests approval to abandon several right-of-ways to allow golf course expansion  caseid=44850  AND  approval for a preliminary plat to combine approximately 650+/- acres to create a two-parcel subdivision plat. The proposed two-parcel subdivision could potentially contain golf course and APS substation  caseid=44847   7809 and 7803 E. McDowell Rd requests approval for a fuel center  caseid=44851 7517 E. Greenway Rd requests approval of a new 13,712 square foot hangar building on a 1-acre site  caseid=44854  City-Wide. The applicant wants to appeal the Zoning Administrator's decision regarding special event signage for Green Bee Produce, a mobile farmer's market   caseid=44712  Cactus Road and 124th Street.  requests approval for modifications to the East Cactus Road & North 124th Street Intersection, and to install a multi-use path from North 128th Street to North 124th Street in the East Cactus Road alignment.  caseid=44855   9890 N.90th St requests approval of a site plan, landscape plans and building elevations for a new 3,000 square foot restaurant caseid=44818   10424 E Jomax Rd--Near Jomax Road and Pinnacle Peak Parkway.  requests approval for a Master Design Concept and 50 lot Preliminary Plat for the Reserve at Pinnacle Peak Patio caseid=44822    26032 N. 88th Way-near Desert Highlands Drive/89th St. requests approval of a variance pertaining to wall height within the required front yard setback.caseid=44823

     For the Coalition of Greater Scottsdale (COGS) Board of Directors, 

     Sonnie Kirtley, Chair e-mail 

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