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Good Afternoon, COGS E Newsletter Reader. PLEASE read and act on the first two paragraphs. If it doesn’t save your life—perhaps a family member or friend.
Do you live alone?  Does a family member?   If you have a medical emergency and are locked inside your home (locked exterior gates, high walls, locked garage door) HOW can help get to you? Do you have your medical history attached in a capsule to your refrigerator?  Lockboxes for Seniors allows police or firefighters to gain entry to your home, without breaking in, if you are unable to get to your door in an emergency.  The Scottsdale Area Association of Realtors and Scottsdale Police and Fire Departments offer free emergency lockboxes for seniors and others with special needs whose annual income is less than $25,000, and a charge of $25 to all others.  This service is available to Scottsdale residents only.  Your information and the code to the lockbox is provided only to police officers and firefighters in the event there is an emergency call to your home.  You will need to provide the appropriate key or keys to put in the lockbox at the time of the delivery. You can order a lockbox through the City’s website – – go to Scottsdale Fire Department, then Community Programs, then Senior Wellness & Safety and click on “Lockboxes for Seniors”.  Or you can call 1-877-229-5042 (toll free) to arrange for delivery of a lockbox.  DO IT BEFORE YOU NEED IT TO SAVE YOUR LIFE!
A companion product to Lock Boxes for Seniors (and usually delivered with the lock box) is Info for Life, a magnetic refrigerator package containing a form you can use to provide first responders important information they need to provide you the best treatment.  That information includes emergency contact, medical insurance, personal physician name and phone number, pharmacy, medical history, allergies and current medications.  If you would like to have an Info for Life refrigerator package without participating in the Lockboxes for Seniors program, you can pick one up at any Scottsdale fire station or headquarters.  If a large quantity is needed, you can contact Lori Schmidt, Public Education Officer with the Scottsdale Fire Department, 480 312-1817 or by email at COGS urges all seniors, especially those who live alone, to take advantage of these potentially life-saving programs.
Downtown Cowboy gets repainted by Patty Badenoch, member of the COGS Board of Directors. She is on that ladder again at Scottsdale Road & Main Street in Old Town. This is the second time that Patty has volunteered her artistic talents to freshening the welcome sign to the Old Town district. The original owner, The Scottsdale Chamber of Commerce,  officially transferred ownership to the city at last Tuesday’s council meeting.  Stop and say “thank you”. (open the attached picture).
City Council Decision 4/28: The RockBar (Case 2 UP 2001 #3) request for permanent approval to keep their north windows  located on Craftsman’s Court open during Live Entertainment was rejected by council in a 5 to 2 vote.  Councilwoman Milhaven and Mayor Lane supported the bar owner’s request but their motion failed. Five council members supported the area merchants, business property owners and resident and the two approximate 9 ft. X 3 ft.  wall openings will be closed.  According to their Jan, Feb. March and April websites, the Rockbar holds live music performances most nights during any month.
Reported by a resident who attended: ( quote) “Yesterday at Police Officer Jim Hill’s retirement celebration he was honored with a woman's watch and a Scottsdale polo shirt one size too small. That is all they had left from all the retirements they have had this year and the city won't let them re-order.” (end of quote)  Can this be true after 19 years of service ?   Perhaps someone from the city will clarify.
Police Report: On Friday, March 6, 2015, retired police horse “Smoke” passed away. He would have been approximately 32 years of age. Smoke was purchased as a police horse in 1990 at 6 years of age. He was a wonderful police horse, black in color with a small white star on his head. Smoke had a calm disposition that matched his attitude. He served as a primary mount for Officer Jeff Terpening in the beginning and then Officer Danny Garcia Sr. for the majority of 11 years of his career. Smoke was also a “go to horse” in the schools for officers that were starting out because of his kindness and willingness to do whatever was asked of him. Smoke was one of our primary mounts in the 2001 World Series when the Diamondbacks won. Smoke served the Mounted Unit and the citizens of Scottsdale (mostly tolerating the crowds in Old Town) for 17 years before retiring in the spring of 2007 to live out his life at the home of Danny and Shelley Garcia and their family. Smoke had the foundation of a great police horse with the kindness, attitude, loyalty, willingness and his enduring calm disposition that he will always be remembered for. (copied from the April Police Academy issue)
Arizona United Soccer Club’s first kickoff was last weekend. You can catch future matches most Saturdays at Scottsdale Stadium on Osborn Road until September 16th . They are the only professional soccer team in Arizona. Seating varies by field location from $15 to $30 per game. More information at

Arizona Restaurant Week May 15th-25th gives food lovers state-wide the opportunity to enjoy a three-course, prix-fixe dinner for $33 or $44 per person (unless noted this excludes beverages, tax and gratuity) at a number of participating Arizona restaurants. You need to get your reservations NOW to get a table at the popular restaurants if in Scottsdale and Cave Creek. Details:
Have a great weekend.

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