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Thank you for reading the COGS E-Newsletter.  Being an informed Scottsdale resident is important. 
Hot Issues: (1) Special Events Ordinance update  (2) Bond Election Forums   (3) Request to intensify the use of the Commercial-Office zoning next to Scottsdale Ranch and four other next-to-residential neighborhood locations in the city.

Special Events Ordinance update. Change is never simple—especially when other issues are an integral part of the discussion. WHAT is a “special” event?  WHAT is an “event” and not a temporary tent business?  What is a reasonable number of days for a “special” event?  WHO, if anyone, should  be given free use of public property?  Should the Marshall Bridge  over the Arizona Canal be closed to our tourists’ trolley crossing experience to accommodate a private vendor?  Should one event or vendor be given exclusive use of public property from October through April or should a variety of events be scheduled?  Are there types of events that the city should discourage?  What is a current market rental fee schedule that the city should be charging for the use of public property? When a bar extends into a city alley 30 to 48 days per year is that a Special Event or a business that should be paying rent for city property use?  Is there a need for a Downtown Noise Ordinance? Should there be separate criteria and administrators approving events on public property VS private property?
Watch the 21 September city council work study session discussion at this link from 21.48 minutes to the end id=6895   Councilwoman Suzanne Klapp made excellent points from her perspective as a business owner. Councilman David Smith emphasized the lack of appropriate city investment in the existing “brick and mortar” businesses in our Downtown. He stated that the residents and tourists expect strong Arts and Culture support.  Several council members stated support for reserving Thursday nights for the 42 year old, traditional Art Walk on Main Street and Marshall Way.  You may be surprised by the unsympathetic statements of Councilwoman Milhaven as she touted the free-market system and suggested that the struggling galleries needed a consultant to improve their marketing and business plan.  Councilman Phillips addressed each request in the 214 signature Petition from the businesses on 5th Avenue/Stetson, Marshall Way, Main Street and Old Town area of Brown/Main that challenged some of the approvals and procedures of the current Special Events Committee made of city staff.
Bond Election Forums  Two public forums were hosted by the Community Council of Scottsdale. The August event featured speakers Councilwomen Littlefield and Korte supporting the Bond Election. The September meeting featured Councilman Guy Phillips opposing the Bond Election. More public forums are planned by community leader, Frances Droll, and two are sponsored by The Independent newspaper. Please attend as many as you can to be informed before you vote. Dates are: Friday, Sept. 25th  at 6 pm in  Scottsdale Shadows at 7800 E.Camelback Road...Wednesday, Sept 30th at 6:30 pm  St. Patrick’s Catholic Church 10815 North 84th Street..... Thursday Oct 1st 6 pm Shea Bible Church 7601 E Shea Blvd. Saturday, Oct. 3rd 10 am  North Scottsdale Christian Church 28700 N. Pima (north of Dynamite near Troon). Different Scottsdale council members will be the featured speakers. 
The ballot will be in six questions for your YES or NO. Within each question are grouped projects. You will not have the option of line-item voting. All projects total $95,960,000. Categories are Parks & Recreation, Transportation, Citywide Technology, Street Pavement Replacement, Public Safety-Fire and Pubic Safety-Police.    In the next COGS E-Newsletter we will report summaries of public comment at these forums.
Do you own a home near an office building? The city’s long range planning uses he guidelines from the voter approved 2001 General Plan. It specifically provides your residential neighborhoods with buffer zones or transitions from higher intensity land use to the quiet enjoyment of your neighborhood. The tenant at the SW corner of 96th Street and Shea Blvd is requesting a change in the office building use to include “support retail” described as for its employees. But, their plan places the new buildings a considerable distance from their office building and on the 96th/Shea corner with road access to Shea Blvd. If they get this approval, the same increase in land use to include commercial-retail can occur on these other corners in the city   (1) Scottsdale Rd/Deer Valley Rd (2) Scottsdale Rd/Thompson Peak (3) 136th St/Shea (4) Shea/96th St  (5) Via de Ventura/Gainey Center Drive. Are any near you?  It would allow Commercial-1 zoning and the least compatible uses of car wash, live entertainment, gas stations and others.   The original request affected 10 corners.  The Scottsdale Ranch complex has filed petitions in opposition.  Other HOA Boards have also submitted letterhead stationery opposition.  The Planning Department recommended denial.  The Planning Commissioners approved a Continuance of the case on Wednesday at the request of the developer. Residents filled city hall wearing body signs in opposition. The case will be heard again on October 28th.  Send your comments to and we will forward them to the commissioners, city planning staff, HOA boards and city council.
Scottsdale Water Rebates Your city offers a variety of rebates (credits on your utility bills). Review the application form on the internet at or call 480 312 5650 for details. Indoor: toilets, showerheads, hot water recirculation systems...Outdoor: residential turf removal, commercial/HOA turn removal and landscape irrigation controllers water softener upgrade or removal: high-efficiency replacement, portable exchange subscription, removal.
Free city class on Irrigation Maintenance, Troubleshooting & Repair. Saturday, October 7th at Mustang Library 10:30 am to 1:30 pm .
Reminder: OCTOBER     (not this month) is the COGS annual Potluck Sunday, October 25th. All our readers and members are encouraged to bring a significant other/spouse and any food contribution. Time: 4 PM to whenever. This is a private home and outside patio located near Downtown. Please RSVP for the address.
 Cases submitted recently:
 Near McDonald Drive and Pima Road.
The applicant is requesting approval of a new Type four, Alternative Concealment Wireless Communication Facility (WCF) in the form of a 59-foot tall artificial palm tree located at approximately the northwest corner of E. McDonald Dr. and N. Pima Rd.  This is the LARGEST and tallest pole type. CASE#11-UP-2015
 Near Minnezona Avenue and 73rd Street. The applicant is requesting approval of the site plan, landscape plan, and building elevations for a new multi-family development, with a total of four units, on an approximately 0.224 acre site. CASE#44-DR-2015
 Near McDowell Road and 68th Street. The applicant is requesting approval for a Non-Major General Plan amendment from Mixed Use to Urban Neighborhoods on approximately 7.1+/- acres located at 6850 E. McDowell Road.
 Near McDowell Road and 68th Street.
The applicant is requesting approval for a Zoning District Map amendment from Highway Commercial (C-3) to Multi-family Residential (R-5) zoning on 7.1 +/- gross acres for attached single-family homes located at 6850 E. McDowell Road. CASE#15-ZN-2015
 Near Hidden Spur Trail and 91st Street. The applicant is requesting approval of the site plan, landscape plan, and building elevations for a new office-industrial building, with approximately 29,000 square feet of building area, including approximately 6,300 square feet of two-story office space, all on a 2-acre site located at 9219 E. Hidden Spur Trail.  CASE#43-DR-2015
  Wheel Inn Ranch  donation to 501 c 3 is now possible. You have read in the newspaper how the senior community mobile home park residents are being evicted.  “The people at Wheel Inn Ranch are proud and independent folks who had secured a home and quiet lifestyle that met their needs and that they could afford.  Now that their park is being destroyed, they do not know what to do or even how to ask for help. So we are asking for them.  Please help in assisting these Scottsdale citizens who, through no fault of their own, now stand in such urgent and desperate need”, stated Councilwoman Kathy Littlefield and former Councilman Bob Littlefield. You can make a tax deductible contribution to help through "Arizona LEOS," an IRS-approved 501c3 charity which sponsors an Aging Safely program. If you donate online via PayPal please check "Add special instructions to the seller:" and write "Wheel Inn Ranch" in the box provided when you checkout.  To contribute by check, make it out to "Arizona LEOS" and mail it to Wheel Inn Ranch Fund, 8414 E. Vista Drive, Scottsdale, AZ 85250. Please write "Wheel Inn Ranch" on the memo line and include your email address so they can save postage costs and email you a receipt.
COGS: We are all volunteers.  Contact us at any time if you need to research an issue in your neighborhood or have a city concern.  Our newsletter is free and you are encouraged to forward it to friends and family.  We love our city and want to keep you informed.


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