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Welcome to all our new COGS E-News Readers:  Our goal as volunteers is to keep you informed of city issues and subsequent commissioner and council decisions that will impact your neighborhood and/or your business.

Previous newsletters are available on our website  Thank you for taking your valuable time and particularly if you send your opinions and comments to your council members at

Hot Issues:   Desert Discovery Center.....Special Events Ordinance final draft...128th Street/Shea charter school proposed location...112th/Shea Drug Addition Rehab in residential area....Wireless towers as a growing city “crop”...Scottsdale/loop 101 project larger than Kierland Commons & Scottsdale Quarter.

 Update on proposed Desert Discovery Center: On 11 January, City Council approved $ 1,696,900 General Fund capital contingency budget appropriation transfer to a newly created Capital Improvement Project “Desert Discovery Center Business Plan and Feasibility Analysis that will be funded by tourism development funds. Basically, this pays for another study--a previous study cost $500,000 several years ago. The results of this expenditure are to (1) approve management services to the Desert Discovery Center Services, Inc. group (2) initiate an amendment to the existing Municipal Use Master Site Plan so the DDC can be located on 30 acres north of the existing Gateway Trailhead on Thompson Peak Parkways inside the Preserve boundaries (3) prepare staged/phased development in the capital and operating business plans (4)  work collaboratively with the McDowell Sonoran Conservancy (5) “work toward a goal” of raising 10% of the capital costs (6 ) “develop a plan” to adequately cover annual operating costs.  This study was also directed to include architectural drawings. The timeline is 18 months.

COGS chairman spoke to city council encouraging them to be cautious, deliberate, and transparent on all procedures with the Desert Discovery Center. Gauging public support for the project is important because it has morphed from an educational/interpretive small complex to a much larger 30 acres retail-restaurant-amphitheater, education/interpretive complex. The currently described $72 million in construction cost is increasing residents’ concerns.  Preserve area homeowners anticipate increased noise (outdoor amphitheater), traffic and excessive night lighting that will all impact animal habitats and migrations and nearby homeowners quality of life. Central and southern homeowners are expressing concerns about the ballooning DDC costs. COGS requested a commitment from the council members that they would put the Final Project plans and construction costs to a public vote.  Council members made no commitment.

 City Attorney ruling: The city council may place anything within the Preserve because they [city  council] control city-owned land.

Use of Preserve tax funds for the DDC? Some Preserve Commissioners and members of the Preserve Conservancy are opposed to using any of the voter approved Preserve Tax funds for the DDC. They cite that the tax is to be used “...solely for the general purposes of acquiring land and interests in land, and constructing improvements thereto, for the McDowell Sonoran Preserve and paying related financing costs and fees in connection therewith.”  They interpret IMPROVEMENTS as trail and trailhead facilities.  The city attorney includes the DDC as an improvement.

 Rockbar 4245 N. Craftsmans Court This bar/live music venue leases 440 square feet of city-owned alley through a 2011 sublease that required outdoor dining on the leased space. Rockbar had no kitchen. Craftsman’s Court merchants’ complained about the 4-years of drink-only and party usage. They finally secured an enforceable Lease Amendment this week to verify a kitchen and food service to patrons. The “kitchen” however is a microwave, sink and pizza/sandwich roaster in a narrow room. Councilman Smith stated it certainly wasn’t his definition of a kitchen or even similar to what he has at home. After listening to Daniel Worth, Public Works Director, Councilman Phillips supported the RockBar stating that the city has no definition of what has to be in a kitchen. The owner stated that the AZ Health Department required triple sink “is in another room”. The council approved the lease amendment without verification.

 Lawsuit A & B Hill VS City of Scottsdale  The Plaintiff alleges to have fallen because of a 100th St/south of Raintree sidewalk deviation resulting in hip injury. The original suit was for $1.25 million. The city attorney report states that (quote) “Funding is available in the Risk Management operating budget.The proposed settlement of $90,000.00 may be included in the City's primary property tax rate for the next year. The City of Scottsdale has a long-standing practice of including paid out settlements equal to or greater than $20,000.00 in the City's primary tax rate to reimburse the Self-Insured Fund for payment of the claim.” (end quote) Approved by council.

Special Events Ordinance Update 2016   The Initial Draft is available at this link. You can comment on line or attend the session at the Design Center 7506 East Indian School Road, TODAY, Thursday 13 January. Stop in anytime from 5 to 7 pm. Sit at a table. Read through and record your edits & comments. Think about--What is a “Special Event”?  What is a “Legacy Event”?

 Activities to mark on your calendar:  EVERY Thursday—At noon Native Trails culture/dances outdoors in Civic Center amphitheater...7 to 9 pm ArtWalk

EVERY Saturday—8 am to 1 pm Farmers’ Market 3806 North Brown until June 12th...1 to 4 pm Johnny Holster roping, whip and gun slinging show at Main/Brown in Old Town..1 to 4 pm Singing Cowboy Gary on his horse on streets in Old Town.  EVERY Sunday musical variety in Civic Center noon to 4 pm  Sunday A’Fair

 RECYCLING: Shredding-Saturday 23rd POSA 7 am Northsight WalMart     Electronics—Saturday 6 Feb 7:30 am City’s north corporate yard at 9191 San Salvador/south off via Linda     Hazardous Waste—Saturday 20 Feb 7:30 am City’s north corporate yard 9191 San Salvador.

 EVENTS: Rock n Roll Marathon (street closures) Jan 16-17 from 7:30 am...11 am to noon Museum of the West “Stereoscopic Photography”...Barrett-Jackson Auto Auction Jan 23rd to 31st at WestWorld 16601 N. Pima Rd....Hashknife Pony Express gallops to town on horseback with mail bags at noon on the Marshall Bridge Saturday, Jan. 29th....Gooding & Company Auto Auction is at Fashion Square west lot Jan 29-30th...Parada del Sol is Saturday, Feb 13th 10 am on Scottsdale Road beginning at Camelback Road and ending in Old Town on Brown Avenue/Indian School Road.

 COMMUNITY: On Thursday, 21 January, the Community Council of Scottsdale hosts Scottsdale city planners to discuss neighborhood planning issues with the public. Location: Granite Reef Senior Center promptly at 7 pm to 8:30 pm.  Ride the free trolley using a route near your home. On Saturday, Jan. 16th, Friends of the Scenic Drive need volunteers to clear roadside litter. Volunteers are assigned a relatively small area and work 2 hrs. or so.  The result is 13 miles of Scottsdale Road (from Happy Valley to Carefree Highway) trash free! Go to for details.  Register Now!

 COGS DUES: The Bylaws state that “ Annual dues shall be $10 to be paid in January. New memberships paid from September to Dec shall be considered paid through the following year. “  Thanks so much for supporting our volunteer work.  Because 2016 is a city election year, we will again be hosting Public Candidate Forums throughout the city.  Our expenses will increase as we must rent the buildings and senior center rooms. Contact our COGS Treasurer, Patty Badenoch, if you are uncertain when you joined or renewed. 

 CITY OF SCOTTSDALE POSSIBLE BUSINESS FOR YOUR OWN COMPANY?  16OP002 - Offer to Purchase - WestWorld Tent / The City of Scottsdale invites sealed offers for the sale of the WestWorld tent.  Due Date:  01/29/16, 2:00 P.M., Local Time  Contact:  John Snow, 480-312-5716

16RP023 - Request for Proposal - Acrylic Copolymer Dust Palliative / The City of Scottsdale invites sealed submittals from qualified contractors for the supply and application of acrylic copolymer dust palliative within the City of Scottsdale, in order to provide soil stabilization and dust control and to comply with the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) PM-10 rules. Due Date:  02/03/16, 2:00 P.M., Local Time  Contact:  John Snow, 480-312-5716

For the Coalition of Greater Scottsdale (COGS) Board of Directors, 
     Sonnie Kirtley, Chair e-mail 
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