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Good Evening, COGS E Newsletter Reader. Thank you for taking your valuable time to be informed on Scottsdale city issues and events. The COGS 2015 Annual Report is attached and also available online at our website What did the team of volunteers accomplish on your behalf? What were the neighborhood and city government issues in 2015?  .....and thank you for forwarding our newsletter to friends and neighbors!

SUMMARY OF the City Council Work Study Session this evening: The Capital Improvement Budget for 2016/17 was the focus of three hours of discussion by city council. Net capital assets in 2014/15 were Non-Preserve Land $949,000,000, Streets & Storm Drains $1,209,600, Motor Vehicles & Fleet Maintenance $34,700,000, Machinery & Equipment $ 38,600,000 and our Preserve Land $900,900,000.  TOTAL = $3,574.5 million.

According to Scottsdale Treasurer, our assets have decreased $175 million in value in the past two years. You may recall that the city has sold some properties—McKnight building , the former Print Shop, and the Human Resources complex. The city also owns 80 acres at Bell Road (bought in 2005 for $50 million), the former Rose Garden parking lot on 5th Avenue next to the Goldwater Blvd bridge (valued $3.9 million), the 5 acre Grease Paint Stage and Loloma site ($14 to 15 million value) and the 1.5 acres at SkySong with location yet to be identified ($2.5 million value). 

 The Preliminary Capital Improvement Budget 2016/17 was projected in this first draft to be: General Fund $22.3 million, Transportation Sales Tax & Regional Sales Tax Funds $75 million, Special Revenue Fund $1.5 million, General Obligation Bond 2000 Fund $11.2, the new 2015 General Obligation Bond $28.8 million, MPC Bonds & Enterprise Funds $78.5 million, Tourism Development Fund/bed-tax $200,000, Internal Services Fund/Fleet Rates & Self Insurance $1.4 million, Grants, Contributions, IGAs & in lieu Fees Funds $55.3 million.  TOTAL = $696.2 million.

 Council members could not agree on the inclusion of voter rejected bond projects that have re-appeared in the CIP proposed budget. Examples were the Happy Valley Road improvement from Pima Road to Alma School Road and the Aquatics Chemical Replacement System. They also requested better clarity with a different budget format than presented by the Public Works Director this evening. April 5th the Proposed Budget will be released then on May 17th the Tentative Budget Adoption and June 7th Final CIP Budget Adoption by city council.  Public comment links will be provided by COGS newsletter.

The WestWorld Tent: Considerable discussion was held on how to deal with the aging tent at WestWorld.  DC Ranch residents want city council to make good on their promise to remove it. Replacement would cost $1.5 million with a 10 year life span and $40,000 maintenance per year.  At this time, the 2015/16 year has only $86,000 projected event revenue with 85 rented days of the potential 365 days. Barrett-Jackson owner Craig Jackson spoke in favor of the city keeping the 165 foot tent. Councilwomen Milhaven supported keeping the tent; Councilwoman Korte recommended a one year delay to make a decision. Councilman Smith added humor as he mimicked President Reagan’s Berlin Wall statement, “Take this tent down!”. It was agreed to extend the bid period with the hope to sell the existing tent and metal shell. If no buyer, a $150,000 “scrap value” was in the report options.

 Meet the Hashknife Pony Express riders (and horses!) at a free, public outdoor “meet and greet” on Friday, January 29 from 1:15 to 3 p.m. Two dozen U.S. Postal Service honorary mail messengers will gallop into downtown Scottsdale, and then conclude the 58th annual relay with a Riders Rally at Western Spirit: Scottsdale’s Museum of the West on Marshall Way south of Main Street. You'll be able to take photos, get autographs and learn first-hand about the world’s oldest, officially sanctioned Pony Express mail delivery. If you want to send a letter via Pony Express, the museum store is offering official Pony Express mailers for one dollar (postage not included). All mail carried on the riders' three-day, 200-mile journey will be hand-cancelled with the official Pony Express logo and delivered from Holbrook AZ to Scottsdale AZ. The deadline to submit stamped, addressed envelopes and mailers to selected post office locations is Friday, January 22. Click here for details about the museum event or visit for additional mailing information

 COMMUNITY: Thursday, 21 January 7 PM to 8:30 PM is the monthly meeting of the Community Council of the Granite Reef Senior Center located at 1700 North Granite Reef Road, north of McDowell Road. This month’s guest speaker will be Tim Curtis of the  Scottsdale Planning department. Everyone is invited to discuss neighborhood land and planning issues, new development zoning and other city planning processes.

 CITY MEETINGS:  The Transportation Commission meets in the Kiva (city hall) at 6 PM Thursday, 21 January. The agenda focuses on the Transportation Master Plan for the city’s future. Item #10 includes Light Rail route options. The full agenda link is here

NEW LAND CASE: Near Thomas Road and 64th Street. The owner is requesting a Non-Major General Plan Amendment to the City of Scottsdale General Plan 2001 to change the land use designation from Office to Commercial on a 3-acre site, located at 6320 and 6350 E. Thomas Road. CASE#1-GP-2016 ...and  The owner is requesting a Zoning District Map Amendment from Service-Residential (S-R) zoning to Neighborhood Commercial (C-1) zoning on a 3-acre site, located at 6320 and 6350 E. Thomas Road. CASE#1-ZN-2016

TELEPHONE WARNING: The IRS will never telephone you with a collection notice and request that you give them your credit card information over the phone to make payment., Official business is always sent in the U. S. Mail. SCAM calls have been reported from  the “Washington DC”  telephone number (202) 413- 9015.  Call  (800) 366-4484 to report if you receive an IRS SCAM call.

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