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Alert to all property owners and tenants in the NE quadrant of the Downtown area.  This area is south of Camelback Road to 3rd Avenue and west of Miller Road to Scottsdale Road. Attend or watch on Channel 11 the city council work study session scheduled for tomorrow, Monday, February 1st beginning at 5 pm in the Kiva (city hall).  The topic: NE QUADRANT DOWNTOWN PARKING STUDY REPORT.

Merchants on the western side of Scottsdale Road should be particularly interested in the short, mid and long term “solution options” that might provide you relief from scarce parking for your employees and customers. The agenda item #3 link is here to view the PowerPoint presentation

 Summary of the coming report: Approximately 20,000 total parking spaces are in the entire Downtown Scottsdale.  Half of those are private and half are public. At this time 1585 parking space credits have been awarded. For those readers who shop on 5th Avenue, the 3rd Avenue/5th Avenue garage offers 228 3-hour spaces and 179 unrestricted time spaces. Other Downtown garage capacity: Nordstrom 2,200, Southbridge underground 170, Galleria 129 public spaces, Civic Center 357, Civic Center Library 685, Ortega Livery above and underground 226, Main Street Plaza near the Museum of the West 130, and the former Rose Garden at the south end of the Goldwater Bridge 120. 

 An interesting graph will show the parking violations issued.  The most recent statistic is from a low of 600 in July 2015 to a high of 800 in November 2015.

It also reports on the frequency of the five city trolleys and displays the routes. All trolleys are a FREE ride and now cover many near-town neighborhoods.

 Solutions being discussed: (1) Add a new private construction and operation but publically owned Entertainment District/Stetson area garage. The site currently has 114 surface spaces. The new garage could have 770 spaces plus the 703 on the street for an area total reportedly of 1473. (2) Add on street parking meters that would accept a credit card and sensor technology (3) parking metered spaces could be free one or two hours then begin charging (4) change the designated 3-hour parking spaces in garages to 2 hours (5) rescind the P-3 parking credits. (6) Provide all-day permits for P-3 properties (7) Begin the Downtown trolley at 5 a.m.

 The parking consultant suggests office requirement of 6 parking spaces per 1,000 employees. COGS has reported that since the  Galleria was changed to include call center tenants that it has parked employees in city public lots and shuttled them to the Galleria. Students at the (closing soon) culinary school and other Galleria employees have been using customer parking infront of 5th Avenue shops. Hopefully the council members will act quickly on short and mid term solutions that will benefit the area merchants and business owners.


How to pay for parking solutions? Bond Improvement District, Community Facilities District, Business Facilities District, sell city property,  require parking structures to be larger, taller, deeper or as adjacent property are options to be discussed.

COMMISSION MEETINGS THIS WEEK:  Thursday Feb 4th—multiple commission meetings/hearings.  1 pm in the Kiva is the Development Review Board with only the Basis School site plans on their Regular Agenda. 5 pm the McDowell Sonoran Preserve Commission gets an update on the Desert Discovery Center as agenda item #6. They meet at Pinnacle Peak/Pima Rd area 8950 E. Pinnacle Peak Rd in the Florence Nelson Desert Park east of the shopping center. 6 pm is the Transportation Commission in the Kiva with a continuation of the Transportation Master Plan for approval.

 ELECTRONIC RECYCLE: Do you have an old computer? mouse? cords? recorder?  TV? other electronic to discard?  Saturday, Feb 6th starting 7:30 am take it to the city’s Corporate Yard at 9191 San Salvador—just south of via Linda.  No charge.

 CITY EVENT: The Tournament Players Phoenix Open (in Scottsdale of course) begins on Monday with the championship on Sunday, February 7th.  If you are also a football fan, you will need an extra TV to watch the time-conflicting Super Bowl .

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