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Wednesday night was the final public forum with the Scottsdale city council candidates co-hosted by COGS and the Community Council of Scottsdale. The Calvin Charles gallery was filled with interested merchants and Downtown residents—more chairs had to be brought in for the overflow. All six council candidates answered the audience questions that focused on concerns about the Downtown infrastructure updates, maintenance of streets and lighting, approved taller buildings and greater density then with previous visionary zoning and, of course, seeking solutions to the scarce public and employee parking and traffic congestion.

2016 candidate forum

Special thank you to all candidates for their willingness to attend our previous public forums held in northern and southern Scottsdale. The discussions have been informative and dynamic and have identified each candidate’s position on city issues and what they will support in the future if elected (or re-elected).

 Endorsements announced by the COGS Political Committee. The COGS Political Committee (a separate, legal entity from our non-profit 501 C 3 organization) announced its candidate endorsements late last night. They have spent many months reviewing each candidate’s responses to the COGS PC questionnaire (view at , face-to-face interview with each candidate and attendance at all available public forums held by other organizations and COGS.  Importantly current COGS members responded to  a survey in which they gave a high percentage of “Endorse” to the two candidates selected by the COGS PC.  Stickers will soon be placed on the candidate’s street signs that read “COGS PC likes—and a thumbs up”. 

Many new land cases have been submitted to the city and will be reported in the next COGS e newsletter for your review.


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