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WHAT is happening in Scottsdale? Decisions?  Land use changes (rezoning)  in your area that will affect you? Read this June edition #1 plus edition #2 with more details on Thursday. Thanks for reading COGS E-Newsletter and being an informed resident.  

COGS E NEWSLETTER IS BACK FROM VACATION.  This will be a brief edition with coverage of upcoming public meetings and developer's open houses that might impact your neighborhood or your business in Scottsdale plus a collection of important "tidbits" or miscellaneous information to jot down.

The next edition on Thursday will cover this evening City Council meeting, updates on Developer and City projects, Capital Improvement Plan city council subcommittee , CSL consultant Downtown improvement recommendations and much more.


  • Tonight City Council meeting, 12 June begins at 5 pm. The Desert Discovery Center LLC (holding the contract to develop a design concept for the facility inside the Scottsdale McDowell Sonoran Preserve) will give a status report. Meanwhile, outside the Kiva (city hall) the Protect our Preserve and the No DDC citizens' groups will be collecting qualified petition signatures in the public areas in support of placing the project on the ballot. They have an anonymous donor with $25,000 to be available to the citizens' group for their legal fund. They have until July 31st to match the $25,000 offer. The groups have served legal notice to the city of intent to stop the DDC LLC work until the voters can approve or deny the expenditures. A more complete story will be in the next edition. Tune tonight in to Channel 11 to watch the council meeting live.
  • Thursday June 15th from 6 pm to 7 pm in the McDowell Mountain Community Church 10700 N. 124th St is the Sienna Hills Phase 2 developer's open house. They propose a gated 16 single family home subdivision on 8 acres by rezoning from R 1-43 (one home per acre) to R 1-10.  The location is north of Shea Blvd and just west of the McDowell Mountain Community Church.
  • Thursday, June 15th, 7pm to 8:30 pm  the Community Council of Scottsdale will host guest speaker, Scottsdale Chamber of Commerce President, Mark Hiegel, in the Granite Reef Senior Center on the NW corner of McDowell Rd and Granite Reef Road. Mr. Hiegel is expected to explain the focus of the Chamber and to describe its activities that benefit our community. Last available membership reports for area Chambers were Scottsdale 1100, Chandler 1517, Tucson/Hispanic 1500, Tucson Metro 1800 and Phoenix 2400. 

Rebate Reminders: Our city provides rebates when you install (1) smart irrigation controllers--up to $250 (2) efficient showerheads--up to $75  (3) low flow toilets- up to $75 (4) install water softeners.  Whens funds are depleted the program ends. Applications,  program description, requirements and instructions are available at then search "rebates" or call 480 312 5690.

What to Plant in Your Summer Yard? Try the free online guide to more than 200 beautiful plants that will thrive with little water and low maintenance. Visit

Tracking Crime in Your Area?  RaidsOnline has changed its name to Community Crime Map. Visit the new website at

Hazardous Waste Collections won't be scheduled until July and August so start collecting old paint cans and dangerous waste products to submit free to the collection station.

Scottsdale school lead reports "high" (greater than 50 parts per billion) in Navajo and Tonalea Grade Schools.  Watch for remedial plans by the Scottsdale Unified School District.

Thank you for taking your valuable time to read the COGS E-Newsletter and to be an informed resident. Feel free to forward to your HOA neighbors or friends. Our help and support are totally free--might charge you a smile and thank you though.   


Sonnie Kirtley, COGS Chair 



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