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06/15/17 - Supplement

Supplement to 6/15 newsletter


The most recent COGS E-Newsletter 6.15.2017 edition needs clarifying.

(1) Protect our Preserve
is partnering with NoDDC filing the Notice of Claim against the City which you can read by clicking on the link provided in our COGS E-Newsletter yesterday.

(2) Protect Our Preserve is the corporation funding the legal effort and has a matching fund benefactor that will match all donations up to $25k that are received by Protect Our Preserve before July 31st."

Their websites for more details about each group are:

Protect our Preserve


More about the Fine Arts tax charged to out-of-state buyers who purchase while visiting our galleries and fine jewelry stores.  Most would assume that WHEN the state passes a law that exempts them from that tax and that it easily and quickly creates a change at our Scottsdale city level---not true.
REVIEW: The Arizona state legislature voted (a number of months ago) to eliminate their 5.6% state tax on fine art.
 When that happened, Scottsdale Councilman David Smith made a motion at the next Council meeting to "agendize" a work study discussion to direct staff to also eliminate the city's 1.65% on fine art to "bring us into conformance with the State's position."
After several months, the item appeared on the Work Study Agenda May 30, 2017.  After debate, Council agreed 7 to zero to the language as shown on the marked Agenda which you can read online at .
Staff was directed to begin the process for initiating an amendment to the Model City Tax Code for inclusion in the City’s local transaction privilege tax to conform with Arizona House Bill 2536.
What happens now?  Believe it or not, the City of Scottsdale does not have the unilateral right to eliminate our 1.65 % tax on fine art.  As bizarre as it sounds, since our local tax is controlled by the "Model City Tax Code" (a statewide document that governs what cities can and cannot tax)
we must "seek permission" to eliminate the tax.  Even though the state tax has been discontinued, we must continue to impose our 1.65% tax until given permission to eliminate it.

Council has NOT received that text from city staff.....

Thank you for taking your valuable time to read the COGS E-Newsletter and to be an informed resident. Feel free to forward to your HOA neighbors or friends. Our help and support are totally free--might charge you a smile and thank you though.   


Sonnie Kirtley, COGS Chair 



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