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11/5/18 Newsletter

Are Scottsdale City Council candidates allowed to advertise their politcal party?

 COGS has received complaints from some of our readers asking why a couple of the candidates (one candidate uses it in an automated RoboCall) advertise their political party in our NONpartisan city council race so we asked our City Clerk. Here is her reply: “The only reference in our Charter about how our Council members shall be elected is one that requires them to be elected "at large".  There is nothing in our Charter that calls for our elections to be partisan elections, therefore, we hold nonpartisan elections.  The “nonpartisan” designation simply means that candidates appear on the ballot under their own names without an attached party affiliation.”




  • All city elections will come to an end on November 6, Tuesday…and hopefully all the political advertisements will STOP and candidate’s and proposition signs have 10 days to be removed from city streets
  •  click here to find a polling place.
  • Polling locations are open from 6 am - 7 pm
    a) Voters can drop off completed ballots at any polling location
    b) To Vote in person go to your assigned polling location (bring your precinct card)


Go to their website


Wednesday, Nov. 7th from 6 to 8 pm Free…What does your HOA know about insurance? Send your HOA Board and interested members to the Community Design Studio 7506 E Indian School Road to learn about coverage, claims, HOA CCRs and state statutes. This is hosted by your city and an HOA law attorney will discuss your issues.
Thursday, Nov.  8  at 1 pm. FREE… Attend the Ask the Expert talk on stroke health given by Honor Healthcare professional Hope Martinez, MSN-ED, RN. Go to the downstairs auditorium of the Civic Center Library.
Friday, November 9th to April 1st 2019  Canal Convergence returns! This unique public art on the Waterfront/AZ Canal is called ARIZONA! It is a hand-crocheted lace ribbon measuring 8 feet wide and more than 600 feet long. It will meander over and around the Arizona Canal and remain installed until Spring 2019. During the spring 2018 Canal Convergence event, Choi+Shine Architects visited the Scottsdale Waterfront to explain their project and engage the public in participating. A number of hand-crocheted designs were dispersed to more than 100 experienced crochet volunteers in Arizona and elsewhere. These volunteers worked independently, using the designs as a guide, to craft their own additions to the massive installation.
Friday, Nov. 9 to the 18th is another unique art installation called Floret by Koros Design. It is a 15-foot tall inflatable, interactive light sculpture designed to interpret the blossoming of a flower.  In the basic position, all of the petals are closed, but when viewers step on the pressure pads surrounding the installation, the air pressure changes and the blossom bursts into bloom. It then illuminates in a variety of colors at night. Floret is coming to Scottsdale after debuting at the Zsolnay Light Festival in Pécs, Hungary.
Saturday, Dec. 8th  7 am to 10 am  Shred your personal and/or commercial documents from 7 to 10 a.m. at the Walmart parking lot, 15355 N. Northsight Blvd. Cost is $4 per box. All paper is shredded on site. These events are hosted by Police Officers of Scottsdale Association (POSA) with a portion of the proceeds going to charities and individuals in need.
Saturday Dec. 1 from 7:30 am to 2 pm. Free… Electronics Recycling Collection Day. So start gathering your old electronics equipment, including computers, TVs and phones and bring to the North Corp Yard, 9191 E. San Salvador Drive---turn south off Via Linda east of 90th Street. Find out all the items that are accepted to be recycled.

Catching up on Scottsdale Decisions

Scottsdale trolley and some Metro bus routes changed Monday, Oct 22nd. A series of transit changes began in your free trolley service and not-free regional transit routes in Scottsdale. Changes include expanding free trolley service to the Mustang Transit Center and the Via Linda Senior Center while reducing redundancy among current transit routes and eliminating route segments with low ridership. Get details.

The Old Adobe Mission in Historic Old Town on Brown Avenue has been added to the National Register of Historic Places. Officially named Our Lady of Perpetual Help Mission Church, this property is now listed in the National Register of Historic Places which is the federal government's official list of properties considered worthy of preservation. Old Adobe Mission Executive Board members prepared the nomination, which was considered by the Arizona Historic Sites Review Committee and the State Historic Preservation Office before it was submitted to the National Park Service. With the addition of the Old Adobe Mission, there are nine properties in Scottsdale that are listed in the National Register. Learn about those on the National Register and Scottsdale's Historic Register.

LOVE has moved. Robert Indiana's huge, red "LOVE" sculpture moved to a new location in Scottsdale Civic Center. The popular photo spot had been closed to the public since late July because the pedestrian overpass is undergoing repairs. The sculpture is now located a short distance just northeast of Civic Center Library. The sculpture now faces south which improves the lighting for photos.

Recently the public was invited to learn about proposed Main Street Streetscape guidelines. The consultant’s proposed streetscape is defined as the visual element of a street, including the road, adjoining building, sidewalk, street furniture, trees and open spaces that form a street's character. Details of this project included an option A and option B.  Arts District and business owners west of Scottsdale Road along Main Street viewed preliminary plans and immediately voiced strong opposition to the loss of parking spaces with both options. Currently 136 angled parking spaces are available on Main Street between 69th Street and Scottsdale Road. Option A with one side parallel parked reduces it to 99 spaces and provides 9 ft wide sidewalks and 12 ft traffic lanes. Option B with angled parking on both sides of Main Street reduces 3 space and includes 6 ft wide sidewalks and 11 ft traffic lanes. Planters, sitting benches and new lamp posts and post locations were included.
An additional factor is the new Canopy by Hilton hotel planned across the street from the Museum of the West on Marshall Way south of Main Street. Over the summer, the current city council approved the hotel with 27 percent less parking than required. Nearby business owners anticipate that will negatively impact their available customer parking spaces.
Another meeting with the property owners, merchants and public might be scheduled before the consultant’s plan goes to the Development Review Board. This project is budgeted from the General Fund for $2,289,700. NOTE: It has been many years since the city has invested in its Downtown infrastructure. For sure, our major tourist area—Main Street-- is in dire need of sidewalk, landscape, trees and lighting improvements.

No longer are the city  and neighborhoods walkways and yards impacted with the 2,000 yellow and green rental bikes BUT now here come those electric scooters. The motorized stand-up scooter has been provided by a company called Bird. (so far only ONE company!) The city of Scottsdale Transportation Commission has been working on its draft vehicle ordinance, which includes electric bikes and stand-up electric mini-scooters. Read the whole story
Proposed electric fence prohibition ordinance The proposed ordinance amendment expands Section 18-14 to also prohibit electrified fencing in residential neighborhoods.  This is necessary to protect the safety and welfare of residential neighborhoods from potentially dangerous electrified fencing and maintain neighborhood aesthetics.  The ordinance does contain an exception for electrified fencing (and other fencing) used for livestock control in rural residential areas. It should also be noted that this proposed amendment does not include underground wireless border fencing typically sold in pet stores. It is on the Nov. 13th, Tuesday, city council agenda. Details at this link City Council Report - Proposed Amendment

Recently Submitted Land Cases

Near Scottsdale Road and Palm Lane. Request by the owner for approval of an abandonment of a 12,047-square foot portion of a 20-foot-wide alleyway. CASE 17-AB-2018
Near Mariposa Drive and 77th Place in historic Villa Monterey is a request by the owner for approval of a Certificate of Appropriateness for exterior modifications that include a new courtyard patio wall, new landscaping, repaving the driveway, and replacing existing awnings at an existing townhouse. CASE 54-HP-2018
Near Osborn Road and Drinkwater Boulevard. Request by owner (City of Scottsdale) for approval to remodel portions of Scottsdale Stadium and expand the clubhouse/multi-use event center within a new 10,000 Sq. ft. building. CASE 48-DR-2018
In preparation for our winter tourist season and special events, road improvements are scheduled city-wide. Please review this Traffic Restrictions page on our city website for updates.
 View road construction projects and traffic restrictions anytime! Visit and search "traffic restrictions" or View current restrictions on city streets in the Scottsdale map center. (Use control click to follow this link)


Free credit freezes information from our Scottsdale Police Department

  • Recently, a new federal law was passed that prohibits credit reporting agencies from charging fees to put a credit freeze on consumer's credit reports. For those that do not know, a credit freeze, also known as a security freeze, restricts access to your credit report so that identity thieves cannot use your personal information to open a new credit account. Credit report companies could previously charge customers to freeze or unfreeze their credit reports. Since there are three major credit reporting agencies and a freeze must be placed with each company, these charges could really add up. This is no longer the case.
  • Once you put a freeze on your credit, you will receive a PIN code, which can be used to unfreeze your credit whenever you need to obtain new credit. It is best to check with your prospective lender to find out which of the three credit reporting agencies they use. This way you only need to unfreeze your credit report with that one credit reporting agency instead of all three. Once that is complete, you can once again freeze your credit.
  • The new federal law also allows parents to freeze the credit reports of children under 16 years of age. Unfortunately, it is common for identity thieves to open accounts in a child's name, knowing that it may be many years before the child ever applies for credit themselves and learns of the fraudulent activity.
  • Please note that a credit freeze does not prevent fraudulent activity on your current credit accounts. You should still look over your monthly statements and watch for any charges on these accounts that you did not authorize.
  • For more information about credit freezes and to place a credit freeze on your credit report, please visit the credit bureaus listed below:
  • Equifax: or call 800-685-1111.
  • Experian: or call 888-397-3742.
  • Transunion: or call 888-909-8872.


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Tomorrow will be an important day in our city as 3 city council candidates will win election, Question 1 on increasing the Transportation Sales Tax and Proposition 420 to amend the city charter (been done 17 plus times in the past) to require a public vote for any nontrail construction and the use of the Preserve Fund for other than trail construction and maintenance will be decided.


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Sonnie Kirtley, COGS Chair 



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