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08/04/19 Newsletter

What is the buzz around the city?
Chances to make your public comment heard.

HOT ISSUES that have strong community interest

The Marquee  A previously approved Class A office building on the northern side of the downtown Galleria (Scottsdale Rd/Shoeman Lane) with bonuses to 96 feet and underground parking has returned with a NEW request for 156 ft height, deleted underground parking—saves approx.. $21 million—and includes the Galleria 9.5 acres. Scottsdale residents have voiced strong opposition in local newspapers, Facebook and Next Door calling it “The Titanic”, “monstrous”, “totally out of character for the Downtown”, and an “assault on our skyline forever”. Case  7-ZN-2015#2 Wait! There is more. According to City Councilwoman Solange Whitehead, by submitting a “new” application the builder has access to Opportunity Zone tax credits.
 COGS urges that your public comment be sent to prior to the Tuesday, August 27th hearing. Key issues are: What is the public benefit? Is a 156 ft glass tower worthy of bonuses when the plan doesn’t meet the required step-back (wedding cake concept) as it rises, isn’t setback from the curb as required, fails to offer $21 million in offsetting benefits from the previously approved office project, and WHY was the Galleria included in the request when their attorney states there are no plans to raise its height? 
Why do our commissioners and city council continuously grant amendments to existing requirements?—what happened to the predictability of existing zoning printed requirements?

Cabana on Hayden 2240 N. Hayden/Oak St. case 2-DR-2019 Although already zoned for multi-family residential R-5, asking no bonuses, no reduction in setbacks from the road nor increases in height or density, this project has been challenged by area residents. Formerly a church site, the key issues have been the excessive number of studio units, car entry locations, and failure of the developer to be involved in appropriate public interaction with the neighbors. Ultimately the plan has added a wall along the west side, access to Monte Vista has been deleted, the entry onto Hayden has been improved as well as the elevations. Right-of-way only was restricted onto Oak and sidewalk locations were changed to discourage pedestrian movement into the neighborhood. Neighborhood leaders Dana Close and Cindy Brower are major contacts. Cox Heights homeowners should attend when the case is re-scheduled for September 5that 1 pm, with the Development Review Board in the Kiva (city hall).

Bishop Lane at 7125 East 2nd St requests rezoning to build an 8 story, 87 ft  high rise with 199 units on a meager 1.54 acre lot in Downtown just west of Scottsdale Road. Case 9-ZN-2019 . Opposition describes this as “by far the most intensive (dense) project ever without offering equivalent community benefit”.

The Enclave/Camelot Homes 7313 E. Jenan Dr (Cactus/Scottsdale Rd area) case 20-ZN-2018 requests to rezone R 1-35 (Rural) to R1-10 (Suburban Neighborhood) and build 14 clustered and gated homes on 5.7 acres. Subdivisions impacted are Desert Hills, Via de Caballos, Escondido Estates, Sterling Place, Cholla Estates and nearby Los Sombros. The audience filled city hall June 26th in the Planning Commission hearing that resulted in a Continuation 5-0 vote. The new hearing date is August 29th 5 pm in the Kiva (city hall).  Area homeowners are challenging city maps that show southside Sunnyside Drive and southside Jenan Drive existing Rural lots being cut and designated partially today as Suburban Neighborhood. Their area currently enjoys large Rural lots and the Camelot increased density plan is strongly opposed. Because the General Plan 2035 was never sent to the voters for approval, the old 2001 General Plan map is used by staff. Public comment is encouraged by e mail to or to appear and speak 3 minutes at the microphone on the 29th.

 Tuesday, August 27th City Council Hearing in the Kiva (city hall) starts 5 pm 
Marquee  7235 and 7233 E Shoeman Lane and 4419 N Scottsdale Road (the Galleria) Rezoning to Type 3 (taller-denser) and Development Agreement (7-ZN-2015#2 and 3-DA-2019) and amending the existing development plan; and proposing a building height of 156-feet on 2.5±acres and includes the Galleria property on 9.5±-acre site. Go to COGS August E Newsletter for images and details on this proposed project. (Also see our Hot Issues above)

Thursday, August 29th starts 5 pm Planning Commission hearing in the Kiva
Camelot Homes/The Enclave rezone 7313 E Jenan Drive (Cactus/Scottsdale Rd area) 20-ZN-2018 (see details above in Hot Issues)

South Bridge Two   on Stetson Drive and 5th Avenue west of Scottsdale Road is a proposed comprehensive remodel of the area east and west of the Marshall Bridge. It includes a hospitality core-public market, residential, eventual hotel and retail as a mixed-use project.  Case 22-ZN-2018. The concept began with Fred Unger, developer of the Southbridge buildings that front the southside of the Arizona Canal at Marshall Bridge. His son, Carter, is seeking support to make it happen. COGS has been a supporter from the day Fred showed us the model using his grandson’s Legos.  Review the case images on the city website and send your comments to before August 29th.

Thursday, August 29th starts at 7-8:30 pm  Community Council of Scottsdale will host speakers to answer questions about the city November 2019 Bond Questions.  Attend in the Granite Reef Senior Center, Room 8.

 September and October Planning Commission hearings TBD Museum Square rezone E. 2nd St and N. Marshall Way as cases 13-ZN-2018 and 1-AB-2019 Abandonment. Large complex of new high-rise hotel, residential multi-story bldgs., public plaza and more.See previous COGS E Newsletter details at our website.

Sept. 12th , Thursday, from 5 pm to 7 pm The City hosts a public comment open house for Gentry on the Green  that is a General Plan Amendment request. Project is on Camelback/Hayden Rd westside of the greenbelt. Go to the Community Design Studio NE corner Indian School Rd/75th Street (looks like a church).
October 3rd Planning Commission anticipated hearing Gentry on the Green rezone at 7979 E. Camelback Road --SW corner Camelback/Hayden on west side of the greenbelt as case 11-ZN-2019 and case 3-GP-2019 . New multifamily complex plus potential coffeeshop on greenbelt and other first level service retail.

Development applications in the review process that have recently
 submitted revised documents.

A CASE 19-ZN-2013#2 - CORE CENTER 15301 N. Hayden Road  map it Near Hayden Road and Northsight Blvd. (Airpark). Request to rezone property to allow a new 3-story restaurant, retail, and office building
7531 E. McKnight Ave. map it
Near Main Street and 75th Street (Old Town). Request to rezone property in order to use entire first floor for a dwelling on a +/- 7,539-square foot site.
6900 E. 1st Ave. map it
Near Indian School Road and Goldwater Blvd. (Old Town). Request by owner for approval of a site plan, landscape plan, and building elevations for six new townhomes.
8102 E. Camelback Road map it
Near Hayden Road and Camelback Road. Request by owner for approval of a site plan, landscape plan, and building elevations for a new residential healthcare facility on a +/- 4.5-acre site.


BLK Live restaurant and live concert center located 7301 E Butherus near Scottsdale Rd and the AirPark has been a code violation problem for months. Neighborhoods across Scottsdale Rd/Kirland area and south of the outdoor live concert site have logged multiple complaints with city officials for excessive noise falling over ½ mile away, illegally built (no permit) oversized outdoor stage, sound speakers and superstructure above the property walls.  Months ago City Council members Littlefield, Klapp, Korte and Whitehead joined COGS at a meeting with neighbors and the owner, BLK Live manager and an acoustical sound expert to attempt solutions. No compliance happened.   

Finally, The Director of Operations, as well as the owner, BLK Live LLC, were issued a Civil Citation for non-compliance with the approved site plan associated with the Conditional Use Permit (CUP) for Live Entertainment (12-UP-2013) and for failure to obtain Development Review Board approval for the structural improvements.  The arraignment date is August 27th  @ 8:00 AM in Scottsdale City Court.
[You may have noticed the citation did not include excessive noise impacting the area.]

post to BLK Live’s Facebook page on Friday night, which was later removed, confirmed that it was closed and that Friday's show was canceled.  "Due to unfortunate circumstances the Gilby Clarke show has been canceled — we hope that he can come back later in the year for his Scottsdale fans. To our supporters BLK Live is still open and will reopen next week. Thank you." Stated Rocco Visnjic, BLK Live’s director of operations.  Phoenix New Times spoke with him on Friday night. "We ran into a little minor issue internally that we're trying to resolve," Visnjic says. "We had to close over the weekend." Visnjic released a statement on Saturday morning regarding the matter. It cited "business transitions" as the cause of the closure and also mentioned issues with the City of Scottsdale and neighboring residential areas.


Development Review Board Decisions—They can approve, reject or continue a case.
Approved 5-0  6601 East McDowell  Case 54-DR-2018 the site plan, landscape plan, and building elevations for a new mixed-use development consisting of one 3-story building and one 4-story building including 357 dwelling units

Continued 5-0 to September 5th   2240 North Hayden Road, Cabana on Hayden Request approval of the site plan, landscape plan, and building elevations for a new residential development, with 89 dwelling units in approximately 76,834 square feet of building area within six multi-story buildings, on a 4.46-acre site. (see Hot Issues above)

Approved 7-0 Diamond Mountain Estates North side of E. Jomax Rd between 108th St alignment and 112th St alignment case 55-DR-2018-- a preliminary plat for a 3-lot residential subdivision on a 43.3-acre site. Adjacent subdivision leaders of Desert Summit were very involved in challenging the location of new street extensions and the preservation of established non-motorized trails.  The result is that street locations will not affect the setbacks or yard designations for properties located in Desert Summit and trails are confirmed and non-motorized.

Approved 6-0 The Reserve SE corner 136th St. and East Coyote Road --the site plan, landscape plan, and building elevations for a 52-unit multi-family residential development with approximately 106,000 square feet in 13 buildings, with an amended development standard for distance between buildings, on a 9.8-acre site.
Planning Commission decisions—They send recommendations to city council for final approval, rejections or continuation
Recommended 7-0 Bottled Blonde Conditional Use Permit 7340 E Indian Plaza case 17-UP-2012#4 and adopt Resolution No. 11535 approving an amendment to an existing Conditional Use Permit for a bar to include a new second floor roof deck addition…no mention if Live Entertainment is permitted there.
Recommended 6-0 Winery Residences of Scottsdale 6951 and 6951 East 1stStreet --Rezoned case 24-ZN-2018 including a Development Plan for a mixed-use project on a 0.37-acre site with 31 one-bedroom units on three levels
Recommended 4-2 Sands North Townhouses Historic District Rezone to Resort/Townhouse Residential Historic Property (R-4R HP) on the east side of N. Scottsdale Road approximately 660 feet south of the intersection of E. Indian Bend Road and N. Scottsdale Road

Recommended 6-0   75 on 2nd Rezoning 7502, 7508, 7514, and 7520 E. 2ndStreet. to Downtown, Downtown Multiple Use Type-2 Downtown Overlay (D/DMU-2 DO) zoning on a +/-1.1-acre site     

                       ODDS AND ENDS DEPARTMENT

Do you know someone who needs an income or extra money?  The US census is hiring for the 2020 federal census. During training pay is $ 17.50 per hour, then $19.50 per hour plus 58 cents per mile. The hours are flexible, and you would normally be assigned near your home area. Apply by phone at 1-855 job 2020 or online at
COGS needs an updated logo—Do you have an artistic/graphics talent?  Review our website for who we are and what we volunteers have accomplished in 14 years to help our neighborhoods and city. Incorporate the concept of cogs—they make action happen!  COGS stands for Coalition of Greater Scottsdale. The deadline for submission is September 21st, Saturday at midnight. Colors are not dictated.  Send to or Yes, there is a prize.

Purchasing - Goods and Services (Non-Construction) - Bids, Request for Proposals, Request for Qualifications, Request for Quotation  

20PB014 - Public Bid - POLICE DEPARTMENT UNIFORMS / The City of Scottsdale invites sealed submittals for the purchase of uniforms for police department personnel.
Due Date: 09/10/2019, 2:00 pm, local time
Contact: John Snow, 480-312-5716
20RP005 - Request for Proposal - SECURITY GUARD SERVICES / The City of Scottsdale Municipal Security Department invites sealed proposals from qualified firms to provide unarmed security guard services in various locations throughout Scottsdale.
Due Date: 09/11/2019, 2:00 pm, local time
Contact: John Snow, 480-312-5716

Thank you for taking your valuable time to read the COGS E Newsletter and to be informed on what is happening in YOUR city. 

We are an all volunteer group ready to help you, your neighborhood, and/or your HOA with city research, procedures, and solutions on issues that affect your quality of Scottsdale life.  Our positions, previous newsletters and who we are will be found on our website.

Sonnie Kirtley, COGS Chair 



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