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01/02/02021 Newsletter

In this issue of the COGS Newsletter you will find

  • Mayor and City Council member's winning vote totals in 2020
  • Pandemic Information you need to get vaccinated
  • Voice of Scottsdale positive comments about COGS
  • Two new Land Cases of neighborhood interest
  • Important final decisions by the 2020 City Council
  • McDowell Sonoran Conservancy request
  • Announcements about Library fines and Electronic Recyling Collection date
  • Re-scheduled city events for 2021....Western Week, Barrett-Jackson Auction
  • New AZ Law using a car phone
  • Proposed AZ laws that will impact Home Association homeowners
  • Why your bicycle should be registered
  • Why your pet should be chipped by your vet
  • How to register now for the city's youth to adult activities (swim, tennis, yoga, etc)
  • How to reach the city with any question or problem
  • Contact links for a city map and checkout current traffic restrictions before you go

COGS MEMBERS' MESSAGE --see end of this newsletter

  • 2021 Standing Committees--volunteer now  (traffic & streets, zoning & new projects, Preserve, General Plan 2035, etc)

…Mayor, 3 City Council members, Police Chief, City Clerk, and City Treasurer


The new Mayor and City Council members will be seated January 12th . It will be a remote ceremony on Channel 11, CityCable, Scottsdale UTube and on livestream.   

David Ortega         77,467 (46.25%) - Winner
Borowsky, Lisa      66,571 (42.49%)               

Council Members    


Betty Janik         59,753  (12.71%) - Selected

Tammy Caputi   58,561 (12.46%) - Selected

Tom Durham      58,194 (12.38%) - Selected



The following candidates did not make it into office


Little, John          55,299 (11.77%)



Linnig, Becca       38,438 (8.18%)


Phillips, Guy       46,045 (9.80%)




                                   PANDEMIC INFORMATION
USA deaths since February 2020 (to Dec 29th)  totaled 347,000 people.  That would be the ENTIRE POPULATION OF SCOTTSDALE (262,222) plus  84, 778 residents gone from a neighboring community.   Our country has 25% (20 million) of all cases in the world with India second with 10.3 million.

When and Where do you need to wear a mask?  Check out these links.
  Maricopa County emergency order  and
Scottsdale face covering order is rescinded; countywide requirement remains in effect

To check when you can get your Covid-19 vaccine, click on this link
It will let you know if you can schedule an appointment or need to wait for your group to come up. Group 1A  are essential workers now receiving scheduled vaccinations.  Sun City West and the Fairgrounds are current locations, but CVS and Walgreens may provide in the future for the rest of us.

VOICE OF SCOTTSDALE  blog posted kudos to COGS

”Meanwhile, the city’s premier policy group continues to be the Coalition of Greater Scottsdale (COGS). The organization is not well known outside political circles, but its principals know more about the ins and outs of land use, development, and zoning issues than any other non-governmental group in Scottsdale.  The political action committee affiliated with COGS, a non-profit group, endorsed winning council candidates Betty Janik and Tom Durham in the November election. In the past the COGS PAC also supported Councilwomen Kathy Littlefield and Solange Whitehead. So COGS, established in 2006, is expected to be the go-to group for the new council. 
Their work in 2021 will include helping present the long overdue update of the city’s General Plan to the public that was purposefully postponed for years by previous councils. “


  • NW Corner Thomas Rd and Pima Road . Neighborhood Meeting online ZOOM  on Wednesday, 6 January at 6 pm. The free meeting ID 956 7065 4300  Use the Password: 000163.  Christian Brothers Auto Repair is requesting a Conditional Use Permit application for auto repair on 1.05 acres Project is 534-PA-2020.
  • 5925 E Wilshire Drive , Sherwood Heights. Wednesday, January 6th at 6 pm the Board of Adjustment hearing will be held on case 19-BA-2020 (Sherwood Heights Appeal) Appeal of the Zoning Administrator's written interpretation, dated October 19, 2020; related to setback adjustments to yards on corner lots within the R1-10 PRD Zoning District.

…..COGS NOTE: The neighbors in Sherwood Heights have mounted legal opposition to this requested setback from the road and the proposed lot splitting in their large-lot subdivision located on the western side of 60th Street south of Thomas Rd to Oak Street.  Contact COGS Board member Marilynn Atkinson at if you want additional information or to comment.          

How to contact any board/commission or city council with your comments

Spoken comment is being accepted on agenda action items. To sign up to speak on these items, please access that website then open the agenda and click on the active link provided. Request to speak forms must be submitted no later than 90 minutes before the start of the meeting. Written comments, submitted electronically at least 7 days before the meeting, will be emailed to the Board or Commission. That form is available on any board/commission or city council agenda website.

2020 City Council decisions. (new council January 12th)
7-0 approved     Indian Bend Wash Master Plan concept   case 9-UP-2020
4-3 approved    Scottsdale Collection 10.2 acre rezoning to include hotel and retail in the Entertainment District from the SE corner of Camelback Rd and Scottsdale Rd   Case 9-ZN-2020 and an abandonment case plus infill incentive bonuses.
4-3 approved   Canalside  NE Corner of Indian School Rd and 68th Street for 51 residential units and some retail shops  Case 1-ZN-2020
7-0 approved Nazarene Church rezone 2340 N Hayden Rd. Requested 27 residential units on the vacant land sides of the church and remodel of the church Case 18-ZN-2019
Update: Greenbelt 88  (currently Office Max-Uncle Sal’s-Big 5 complex) SW corner Hayden and Osborn Road. The Case 15-ZN-2020 and 2-AB-2020 will be scheduled for the Planning Commission in 2021. Currently the application includes 300 residential units with interior parking garage, retail and one restaurant.
Tired of being asked for donations?  How about one more…
Our very own McDowell Sonoran Conservancy (non-profit) needs our support. The McDowell Sonoran Conservancy is dedicated to effecting global preservation efforts through science and research at the McDowell Sonoran Preserve and the surrounding Sonoran Desert. They equip a collective of more than 700 volunteer stewards with tools and structure to discover, learn and ultimately teach. Special programs excited more than 650 Title I elementary school students, helped to remove over 100 acres of non-native grasses that exacerbate the danger of fire and to train and program the Stewards you meet on the trails.  Please mail your support to MCDowell Sonoran Conservancy 8175 East Evans Rd, Unit 12817, Scottsdale 85267-9802

City Announcements

No more library fines! All Scottsdale public libraries have closed the book on fines - no matter how long you have had an item past its due date, you can bring it back with no fines! The library is where you get access to materials FOR FREE and they want to keep it that way.  Just drop off your library loaner in the outside drop box if you prefer.


Electronics Recycling Collection Day is Saturday, Feb 6th from 7:30 am to 2 pm. Drive to the San Salvador police lot.  From 90th Street turn east on Via Linda and look for entry signs on your right (south). Find out all the items at this link.

When and where are hearings and city meetings? .  Check out the calendar at for the updated public meeting schedule. Public meeting times are subject to change or cancellation

Remote is still the rule.  You cannot attend city council or commission and board meetings. Watch some on Channel 11, City Cable or livestream on your computer from anywhere at


Scottsdale Museum of Contemporary Art is closed Monday, Dec. 21, 2020  to Thursday, Feb. 18, 2021.

SMoCA will reopen Friday, Feb. 19th—ONE Members’ preview   and Saturday, Feb. 20—Open to the public  For more information visit

Barrett-Jackson Auction  will be the week of March 22nd at WestWorld  facilities east of Pima Road and south of Bell Road
Western Week postponed to April 11th through 18th
Appreciating the steady rise in COVID-19 cases, Western Week will be postponed until mid-April 2021. Traditionally taking place in early February, Western Week will temporarily move to April 11-18. Discussions are currently underway to determine how Western Week events can be delivered under CDC and ADHS guidelines to keep everyone attending safely. More information will follow in the coming months. During Western Week, Old Town Scottsdale transforms into an authentic old west experience through western and Native American events, the Hashknife Pony Express, Parada del Sol Parade, and the Arizona Indian Festival. 


HANDS-OFF LAW is effective now.  You may not read, write or send a message, scroll through social media, and watch or record videos while driving your motor vehicle. You can use the device while stopped at a stoplight, use voice-based communication, like talk-to-text, swipe or press to answer or end a call, engage navigational functions, and call 9-1-1 to request help or to report a crime-in-progress.
DO YOU LIVE IN AN HOA?  These AZ proposed bills should be of interest to you. Please review this website  There are 4 proposed AZ bills in 2021 of potential impact to association homeowners.

Important to do:
Did you know that 80% of bicycles recovered by Scottsdale Police Dept. are unable to be returned to the owner? By registering the serial number, the police can go into a national database and recovery is possible. Write down that serial number in a safe place at your home as well.


To help your lost/stolen pet be returned to you, have an identification chip injected by your vet. The number should be in your home file and in a national database.  Found a stray pet? Take it to any veterinarian for the chip scan and reading. If you have a former-owner’s pet, get the chip re-registered to your family.
Register now for Winter 2021 activities! This includes swim and tennis lessons, yoga, tot and youth classes and more! You can browse the digital PDF edition or search our online catalog:
Scottsdale EZ is here to assist you 
Whether it's a broken streetlight, a fresh pothole, a missing trash can, or an out-of-place scooter, our EZ online service makes it easier for residents to report problems with city facilities or services. Scottsdale EZ lets you quickly report issues on your desktop or mobile device and provides the city with a consolidated tracking and reporting system

Handy links to make your day better:

City map center

View a map with information on active and completed Old Town development projects and locations.
View additional maps for more information on amenities, services, zoning and traffic restrictions.
Traffic restrictions
View a map of city-wide traffic restrictions or subscribe to receive weekly notices.


The Standing Committees/work groups are accepting volunteers for 2021. Details will be sent in the Members' Only edition of the COGS Newsletter. Groups so far are: Zoning, Street and Traffic projects, Budget Management, City Government policy recommendations, Entertainment District, Trails, Arts District, Parking, WestWorld, City Events, Parks & Recreation, the Preserve issues, Public Art, Noise and other disturbances, Short Term Rentals, Commissioner and Board policies--selection, recusals, etc.   If any member has a suggestion for another working group, send it to  Yes, if you are interested but not a member, go to our website to join. $35/year for a person or family.



 Marilynn Atkinson (Sherwood Heights), Jim Davis (Estancia), Susan Kauffman (Troon Villages), Sonnie Kirtley (Caballo Ranchos), Stan Morganstern (Rural 85266 zip), Howard Myers (Carriage Trails), Copper Phillips (Rural 85266 zip), Chris Schaffner (Los Sombros)
Read bios on our website under
Who We Are and info on other Board Members



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