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01/03/2022 Newsletter


Be healthy and be involved...Know what is happening in Scottsdale

What’s New in Scottsdale ?

  • Blue banners now hang on street posts in the Arts District
  • COGS was told by the city staff that the Downtown/tourist trolley that moves from the Historic and Arts District to 5th Avenue shops will not be continued.
  • Neighborhood Recycle and Garbage pickup days have changed beginning 2022.
  • City is experimenting to pickup garbage at curbside and not in alleys.
  • City Council has scheduled more public Work Study sessions on city issues than previous councils. These are broadcast live and  videos are available later on the city website.
  • Construction will begin soon on a new roundabout at Miller Road and Osborn Road intersection
  • Sidewalk widening on the northern side of Camelback Road from Scottsdale Road to Miller Rd is in progress.
  • Someday (everyone hopes after 6 years) 73rd Street at Camelback Road will be aligned to the bar district.

Recent City Council decisions
6-1 (Ortega) City Council approved The Miller –the first apartment project setting aside attainable housing units. for “fireman, teachers, and essential workers”. The location is in the southern part of the TJMax--PetsMart shopping center south of Camelback Road.
7-0 approved sale of fire station at 7339 McDonald Drive for $2,055,000 to Diversified Partners. The new station is east of Hayden Rd on Indian Bend Road.
7-0 approved  $1,231,675 from the Community Services Division, CDBG Fund Operating Budget to three newly created Capital Improvement Projects to be titled “Paiute Park Ramada”, “Paiute Park Parcourse”, and “Paiute Park Bathrooms”
7-0 approved Amendments to strengthen Vacation Rental and Nuisance Party Ordinance and Codes
6-1 (Littlefield) approved continuance of Greenbelt 88 project to F
ebruary 2022

2022 Issues of Community Interest:

Proposed new apartment projects.
City leaders recognize that housing affordability is a problem, but approving higher density in southern Scottsdale has not been fully supported by the area. Stronger opposition to proposed new apartment complexes has resulted in Continued hearings, social media pressures and council members negotiating among neighborhood groups and developers.

City Council enacted some Vacation Rental controls possible under current Arizona law
In December City Council amended the Vacation Rental and Nuisance Party Code and the Unlawful Gathering Ordinance by adding noise levels and measurement criteria, and defining habitual offenders.  A one-hour response time is required in the event of an emergency and a penalty for non-response time. Noise level and a measurement criteria  were added.•  Habitual offenders get very stiff fines.• The police service fee and administrative process are replaced with a civil citation process in the court system.• There are increases to minimum fines for hosts and owners, while allowing for mitigation, reduction, or suspension of fines based on best practices prior to sentencing. Fines range from $250 to $500 for failure of the property contact person to physically show on call within one hour. Noise violation fines range from $250 to $2000. Habitual unlawful gathering offenders four times within one year can be fined $10,000 to $20,000 maximum.

Private homeowners renting their detached guest house/casita is illegal in Scottsdale and is now being enforced.
COGS has requested that homeowners be allowed to rent either their main house or detached guest house/casita while occupying either one of those dwellings. Additionally,  that such be limited to one dwelling per parcel/homeowner lot so as not to trigger the zoning violation of “multi-family housing”. Staff is still in discussion with COGS on the potential.

City Council three  vacant positions in 2022 Nominating Petitions are circulating and you can legally sign three. This is NOT A VOTE for the wanna-be-candidate. It is simply to get him/her on the Primary ballot. 1,000 qualified voter signatures are needed. Most will gather 2500 or more for a cushion.
Primary date is early August to narrow the field to 6 to continue to General Election in the Fall. If any Primary nominee wins 51% of the votes cast , they are awarded a council seat and avoid the General Election in November. That would leave two vacant seats.
Old Town Character Area Plan Multiple city-hosted community meetings have been held to address updating policy, regulatory and guidelines within the Old Town/Downtown area to direct revitalization and development standards. Many participants support height reduction in Old Town. Concern for approving amendments to current building standards were expressed. Support was strong to retain the western tourist-drawn theme in Historic Old Town buildings and facades. Establishing a specific criteria of Public Benefit required to earn project bonuses like increased height, density and lowered setbacks and stepbacks were recommended. Requiring transition between lowest Type 1 and tallest Type 3 zoning was requested. More public parking and an improved transportation system was discussed. There will be more public meetings.

 Coming Events

Jan 8th Saturday Shredding 7:30 am to 2 pm Walmart Northsight parking lot $5 per box
Jan 7 to 17th
Recycle your Christmas tree to a drop off location
Jan 8th-Feb 7th
Arizona Canal dry-up and fish capture event
Jan 16th
Rock N Roll Marathon runs through Scottsdale streets
Jan. 18 from 3-5pm Scottsdale Mayor David D. Ortega will hold his “
State of Scottsdale” address  at the Scottsdale Center for the Performing Arts, 7380 E. Second St. The event is free to the public. Light refreshments will be provided. Register to attend by 3 p.m. Friday, Jan. 14.
January 22-30th
Barrett-Jackson Collector Car Auction in WestWorld
Feb 5th, Saturday,
Electronics Recycle 7:30 am to 2 pm 9191 E San Salvador Drive

 Help Wanted…..
Join the Coalition of Greater Scottsdale/COGS Working Teams

COGS Purpose: “A reliable resource and advocate for Scottsdale’s neighborhoods, HOA Boards, other advocacy groups, small business owners and merchants”
COGS Mission Statement:”…consistent land use policy and preservation of our unique quality of life”

What we Do: Guide homeowners and neighborhood groups through the city government maze to get their voice heard. We host conferences between project development teams and neighborhood leadership. We attend board, commission and city council hearings and speak constructively on projects and issues. We provide a free newsletter to inform residents of city decisions, proposed projects, and important hearings that will impact their area   AKA--Play an important, constructive role in City Of Scottsdale’s Future.

So, what can our members accomplish?

Now that Covid-19  vaccines and boosters are making small group meetings possible, COGS will activate its 2022 Working Teams Members are not limited to volunteering for just one. We warn you that RESEARCH, DISCUSSION and ACTION are expected. The role is to provide direction to the COGS membership and Board for positions to take on important city issues. At least one member of your team should attend the appropriate Scottsdale Board or Commission meetings. Presentations are prepared and given to Commissions and Boards as well as the City Council when appropriate.

2022 Working Teams:

City government –(procedures and policies, appointment methods, elections, ethics, ordinances, codes)
Neighborhood issues (tree projects, alley cleanups, block parties, home fix-up grants, affordable housing, nuisances)
Parks and Recreation ((facilities, programs, dog parks, pocket parks, open space, trails)
Streets and Traffic (planning, roundabouts, lighting, bike paths, alternative routes, widening, narrowing, parking)
Arts District, Entertainment District, Historic Old Town (parking issues, character, publicity, events).
Transportation (trolleys, metro service, bus stops, planning)
Zoning issues (tracking specific projects, recommending to membership support or recommendations to improve a proposed project, joining Board member in meeting with developer and neighborhood leadership)
Character Area Plans (tracking their implementation in Boards and Commissions decisions)
WestWorld  & Monterra (tracking events to publicize,  facility issues, budget/revenue issues

Interested in something else?...let us know


 Marilynn Atkinson (Sherwood Heights), Jim Davis (Estancia), Susan Kauffman (Troon Villages), Sonnie Kirtley (Caballo Ranchos), Stan Morganstern (Rural 85266 zip), Howard Myers (Carriage Trails), Copper Phillips (Rural 85266 zip), Chris Schaffner (Los Sombros)

Read bios on our website under
Who We Are and info on other Board Members



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